“The Sympathizer” Episode 5 Recap: “The Sympathizer” is an American war drama spy thriller series, which is currently streaming now On HBO Max & JioCinema. In this article, we are gonna discuss the recap of the fifth episode. Before we start our discussion let’s have a quick knowledge of the Story of this series.

The series is based on The novel by American professor & Novelist “Viet Thanh Nguyen” of the same name. The series tells us about the lifestyle of a man known as “The Captain”, he is half-French, half-Vietnamese & moreover he is a spy.

Lastly, we see Captain was working on a movie with Niko & Lana also involved as a co-actress. But, while Niko shooting a rape scene with Lana, Captain stopped them & the movie sequence concluded. At the end we see an explosion sequence that injured our captain. But is it real or just a dream? Let us know.

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So, From the start, we can confirm that the Bombardment is true, which means Nico did that. Without any information to the captain. Niko wants to get back Captain at any cost. Captain, is sent to the hospital where he remembers his past with Bon & Man together. He also recalls the memories with his mother.

At present, after waking up he realised Bon was with him but He started to find Man. Bon said Mam is in Vietnam. They together thinking about the past in the cemetery together. All Vietnamese cast came here to meet Captain. Meantime, they thinking about the past. In between Vietnamese forest, three friends found the head of a soldier. These hilarious scenes defined how happy they were in their childhood. They together put that head beneath the ground.

Anyways, Captain got a little cactus gift from Sofia & also a bouquet from Ned. Later, Studio Lawyers comes to shut Captain’s mouth. They said Niko sent them with wishes. They tried to give some money as an apology. They gave 3000 dollars but the captain raised that price to 15,000 dollars. He also takes an apology from Niko. Finally, after a long time, we see Claude is back to meet with Captain in the hospital. Claude informs him that the General is planning to reclaim Vietnam.

Later Captain & Bon have all the studio’s money to Major’s wife. As a major wife facing very much trouble after losing her husband. In this situation, the Captain’s money helped her. Major wife thinks that the General is planning to do something, and hearing this Captain feels a bit anxious. Major’s wife added that Major wants to do something to reclaim Vietnam & she wants to donate money to that. She also informed me about Madame’s restaurant.

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She also doubts that her husband was killed for being involved in the general’s plan. Later, Captian went to the newly opened Madame’s pho shop. Captain found General there too. By this, we are sure that General is really planning for a new ear to reclaim their home. Things will be interesting. He made a huge secret plan to do this secret war. General also claimed that he was trying to add funds for this war.

Later in the restaurant, Captain met with Sonny. Sonny knows about the secret operation of General. They started to argue about communism. After talking with him, the captain saw an advertisement in the paper of a concert in the name of Que-Linh (the captain’s mother). Captain along with Bon reach there to see what’s going on. They found that it was Lana acting on Que-Linh. Her voice & acting became imported. She became too beautiful.

So, the captain closely looking her performance with Bon. After the performance Lana introduced Jamie Johnson in this scene Captain thought that She gonna introduce him but, it broke his heart. Captain thinks that Lana has a close relationship with Jamie, but we aren’t sure about it, let’s know. They together started performing on the stage. Later, Captain talked about with Lana. Lana used the Captain’s mother’s name so that her parents never found out her location. Lana confirmed that she had nothing with Jamie. But, it looks like the captain is unable to believe her.

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With a broken heart, the captain thinks to meet with Sofia again. So, he went to her. There he gets more surprise, as Sofia is dating Sonny in a serious relationship. Captain felt very offended and said that Sonny wasn’t a trustworthy guy as he was working for America instead of his own people. But, it hurts Sofia as she loves him. So, the captain lists his lady love. While he was in hospital Sonny took that love. He started to humiliate Sonny but Sofia protected him. This love conversation went so long.

After that, the whole scene cuts into the captain’s conversation with Jailer. The captain tells the whole story to the jailer. Later he wants a break so he requests Jailer to contact Man. Captain said he is their own man & Man can prove this. But the jailer said they were unable to find out any person named” Man”. Now, the jailer doubts whether he even existed or not.

We back into the past where Captain met with Niko. We understood that the captain really didn’t have money he aslo didn’t want to hear sorry from Niko. Infact he wants al the Vietnamese dialogue in the movie. However, Niko is afraid about the final cut but he is assured that he will try to do that. Captain understood what Nimo wanted to say so he accepted his words.

Later in Lana’s performance, Captain enjoys her show. Lana became a mature girl as she wanted this all. In this time, Captain saw Man who actually did not exist in that scene. Man wants the captain to continue his work as a spy. Captain said the general isn’t harmful so he doesn’t want to do this work anymore. Later Captain met with Lana again, there he told her that he was still single. We understand that He slowly falling in love with Lana .

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He started talking about old Lana who didn’t want to leave Saigon to come to America. In that situation, Bon came there. Bon informed Lana’s father about her truth. Moreover, he wants his daughter back Lana thinking that its Captain who is spying and telling her father about her. But we know Captain didn’t do it.

So, Captain is a spy & he is again busy at work. He collected all the images that the General planned for war. After that, he sends them all to Man, that is how he does every time. He hide the prints under a globe & send it to Man. Meanwhile, some of his photos are taken by Sonny it’s coincidentally. During coding secret language in a letter ber nearly caught up by CLAUDE.

But, Claude this time totally concentrates with Niko. He is happy that Niko is finally busy on making & editing his own movie. Claude said a movie is important very much especially if made by a significant director. He gives a lecture on the movie with its political agenda.

Later, we see the General find out that Sonny has all the information about his attack. Because Sonny published it in the newspaper. He understood that someone feeling information to Sonny. They both reached in a place where we see a huge army is training for the war. This is huge literally but is this enough to do anything attack? Surprisingly, Bon is leading that whole army. So, he is with General from the starting phase?

Anyway, the General is serious about this war & this is gonna happen. But the question is what will Captain gonna do now? Let’s know in the next episode. As for now, you can watch all five episodes of ” The Sympathizer” currently streaming now on JioCinema in the English language along with subtitles.


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