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Who is Annie And What Happened To Her In ‘Skull Island’?

Netflix Original presents an American animated adventure series “Skull Island” from the Monsterverse franchise. The series is created and written by Brian Duffield. Before knowing about Annie, let’s know about the summary of the series.

This series is based on Monsterverse and tells us the journey of a group of explorers trapped on Skull Island where they encounter mysterious creatures along with King Kong and his enemies.

At the very beginning of the series, we see Annie running from some guards on a big ship. She soon leaves the ship by boat with her dog. Later, we learn about Annie’s past. When she was a child, she was with her dad on the island. But to save her daughter from an unidentified creature, her dad made a sacrifice.

After that, Annie lives there alone. Her lonely life soon changes after she meets a baby dog, and they both stay on the wrecked ship, living their lives. Annie adapts to the power of nature and changes herself from urban life.

In the last fight with Kong and the sea monster, Annie falls into the sea and is hit by a stone. The series doesn’t reveal what actually happens to her. We see Annie open her eyes and find herself in a hospital bed. She thinks she might be in the camp, but soon realizes she is in the big city with her mom.

She is also unable to find her dog. That’s how the series ends, with lots of unanswered questions. Probably she is in a near-death situation, so her mother rescued her and took her to the hospital. In the next season, she might come back to the island to find the dog and also reunite with Mike, Charlie, and Cap.



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