Skull Island Ending Explained: Kong vs. the Giant Squid monster, who will win this fight? As we continue with the episode-wise recap, let’s delve into episode 8 and let’s get into the ending Explained of the show too.

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After hearing this idea, everybody thinks Charlie is insane because his idea is utterly stupid. So, everyone considers it and thinks about leaving the island to help Mike. It’s the final fight between Kong and the Squid monster. On the other side, Irene doesn’t want to leave her daughter Annie for the second time. So, Charlie and Annie, along with the dog, will go near Kong. Let’s see what they will do. Irene accepts her daughter as she is, but near her assistant Sam, she falls down and says that this island is so stressful and Annie is so bratty.

In another scene, Annie, Charlie, and the dog reach Kong’s Kingdom to meet him. They find the necklace, and Kong stands in front of them. They stealthily steal it and run away. Kong becomes furious after this. As the dog can’t carry two people, Charlie leaves them and tells them to meet at the beach.

Kong reaches the beach, chasing Annie because of the necklace. Irene and her guards spot them, while Cap realizes that Charlie is not with them and runs away to find his son. Near the beach, Annie throws the necklace onto the shore and waits for Kong to take it and for the sea monster to emerge.

After a moment of silence, when King Kong is ready to take it, the giant sea monster attacks him. The sea monster is extremely powerful and manages to bring down Kong, who is unable to defeat it. On the other side, Cap tries to find his son Charlie, but a giant caterpillar attacks him. Mike somehow saves him by using a flare gun.

While Charlie is running in the forest, he falls into a trap where some masked men capture him and say, “You’ll suffer for what you did to Kong.”

At sea, an intense fight between Kong and the sea monster ensues. The sea monster captures Kong and takes him deep into the ocean. Kong discovers Cap’s destroyed scrap boat from the beginning of the episode and uses it to strike the sea monster, finally winning the battle. However, he is badly injured.

When he emerges at the shore, he finds Annie trying to save her dog. Seeing this, he remembers the lady he once loved who died in his hands. Kong saves both the girl and the dog. When the girl wants to say “sorry,” the giant sea monster resurfaces. This time, Kong bursts into anger and brutally beats the monster, eventually killing it and tearing its body into two parts.

Later, a wave separates the dog and Annie, causing Annie to fall into the sea and get hit by a rock. When she wakes up after two weeks, she finds herself in a hospital in the middle of a big city. This is how Season 1 ends, leaving many unanswered questions. We still don’t know what happened to Charlie after being captured by unknown tribals, or what happened to Cap and Mike.

It’s certain that another season of “Skull Island” will come. In the meantime, you can watch Season 1 with eight episodes available on Netflix, featuring English audio and subtitles.



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