Amazon Prime released twelve episodic Korean romantic comedy series “Wedding Impossible”. Lee Do Han and Lee Ji Han are the grandsons of the chairman of the LJ group. Na A Jeong is from a middle-class family who is trying to reach her dream of becoming a great actress. Lee Do Han’s grandfather decides on his next successor Do-han.

But in order to make him successor he needed to marry Chae Won from Taeyang Group. But as Lee Do Han has a relationship with a guy, he declines to marry Chae Won. To escape from their grandfather Lee Do Han tells a lie that he is in a relationship with Na A Jeong who is his best friend. Later grandfather accepts their marriage, but things between Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han change as they start to get emotions on each other.

Episode 8 started with Lee Ji Han meeting the ex-boyfriend of Lee Do Han. The guy tells Lee Ji Han about their relationship. Lee Ji Han warns the guy not to hurt Lee Do Han. The guy calls Lee Do Han and says that he told things because Lee Do Han crossed the line. Lee Do Han came back to the dressing room and Na A Jeong was not there. Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han run away and stop somewhere. Lee Ji Han tells her to rethink the marriage.

Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong come back home. Lee Do Han was there worried about Na A Jeong. Lee Do Han asks why she went out. Lee Do Han warns Lee Ji Han of doing this kind of thing. At night Na A Jeong couldn’t sleep thinking about Lee Ji Han. Lee Ji Han also couldn’t sleep thinking about Na A Jeong. Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han come out of their rooms.

Lee Do Han’s sister goes to their grandfather asking about Lee Do Han getting management rights and his grandfather’s shares getting transferred onto him. Grandfather says it will be Lee Do Han for sure as his next successor. She calls the reporter to investigate her mother’s death.

Na A Jeong goes back to her home after telling Lee Do Han. At the house, they are readying the house to welcome Na A Jeong. Na A Jeong’s sister has a chat with her. Sister asks her if everything is okay because Na A Jeong comes back home very fast. Na A Jeong says she has some emotional confusion now and that’s why came back. Yoon Chae Won texts Lee Ji Han but he is not replying or seeing the text messages.

Lee Ji Han watches Na A Jeong’s home from outside. Na A Jeong’s sister’s kid comes there sees Lee Ji Han and tells him Na A Jeong went shooting. Lee Ji Han goto to the shooting location to meet Na A Jeong with food packets with Na A Jeong’s photo on it. Na A Jeong tries to avoid him many times but in the end, they talk about their issues with each other. Lee Ji Han praises Na A Jeong’s acting he saw there.

Lee Ji Han dropped Na A Jeong at Lee Do Han’s house. Yoon Chae Won came while they were entering the house. Yoon Chae Won told Na A Jeong that she likes Lee Ji Han and she is trying to make a relationship with him. Also tells Na A Jeong it’s not a good thing to go out with the lover’s brother. Yoon Chae Won and Lee Ji Han go to a bar. Yoon Chae Won tells him that she likes him and tells him to be more open.

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Lee Do Han and Na A Jeong talk at the house. Lee Do Han tells about the call from his ex-boyfriend. Later Lee Ji Han shouts at Lee Do Han for using Na A Jeong for his selfishness. Lee Ji Han tells he knows the secret and pity Lee Do Han for his selfish act. Lee Ji Han calls Na A Jeong and tells her to come outside. Lee Ji Han proposes to Na A Jeong that he likes her very much and that’s why he used to oppose this wedding. At the end of the episode Na A Jeong also tells him that she likes him and they have a kiss on the street.

Overall this episode was a bit dramatic with many emotional scenes between Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong. They propose to each other making the story more interesting as there are only 4 episodes left to finish the drama.

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