Queen of Tears Episode 5 and Episode 6: Netflix released “Queen of Tears” a sixteen episodic Korean romantic drama. Hong Hae In and Baek Hyun Woo were married to each other for some time. As Hong Hae In is from a rich family the relationship between Hong Hae In and Baek Hyun Woo was not going well. Baek Hyun Woo married Hong Hae In without knowing she was from a rich family.

The doctor tells Hong Hae In that she won’t live more than 3 months as she has Cloud Cytoma disease. Baek Hyun Woo who got to know about her illness starts showing love in order to get a share from Hong Hae In and also make her leave his life. But things get changed when Baek Hyun Woo started affection for Hong Hae In again.

Queens’ whole family went for shooting with Yoon Eun Seong. As the bear came at Hong Hae In, Baek Hyun Woo came and saved her. Hong Hae In started liking Baek Hyun Woo a bit again. Baek Hyun Woo was afraid to go to bed with Hong Hae In. The Chairman checks the CCTV of the incident and sees his son there. Yoon Eun Seong plans to take over the Queen’s empire. Hong Hae In’s mother is trying to make Yoon Eun Seong come into their family.

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Baek Hyun Woo’s brother and sister come to the mall to meet Hong Hae In. They came to tell her not to divorce, but as Hong Hae In had an appointment with Mr. Herman Hong Hae In left after a small chat. Baek Hyun Woo’s sister sends Hong Hae a message telling about not to divorce Baek Hyun Woo. As she sends a message, Baek Hyun Woo calls his sister and tells Hong Hae In doesn’t know about the divorce.

Mr. Herman was not at the meeting and Yoon Eun Seong switched off Hong Hae In’s phone. As they got drunk and came home, Baek Hyun Woo tried to delete the message from Hong Hae In’s phone. They had some romance at home. Later Baek Hyun Woo gifts Hong Hae In a shoe from the mall as she gets slipped down the stairs.

Hong Hae In and Yoon Eun Seong meet at home and Baek Hyun Woo gets jealous of them. Baek Hyun Woo’s father is participating in the village head election. But doesn’t have supporters. So Baek Hyun Woo’s sister texts Hong Hae In to come over so that father gets some vote through the influence. Hong Hae In arrives in their village with many trucks.

Hong Hae In gave many gifts to the villagers and made a free food fest there for Father. Baek Hyun Woo’s mother called him and he came right away to the village. Hong Hae In got dizzy and illusional again and lost her way. Baek Hyun Woo came worried searching her all over the village. Hong Hae In cried and told him she didn’t remember what happened.

As per the promos for the next episodes, we can see Yoon Eun Seong taking over with Hong Hae In. And Hong Hae In may have got to know the real plan behind Baek Hyun Woo’s sudden affection. We can expect some emotional moments in the next episodes with them.

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Episode 5 will release on the 23rd of March and Episode 6 will release on the 24th of March. The first 4 episodes of this drama is available in Netflix with Korean language and English subtitles.



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