Death And Other Details Episode 9 Recap and Explained: Hulu presents a crime thriller investigation series. The show revolves around an unexpected murder that happened inside a luxury cruise ship. A group of wealthy people were travelling on a business vacation, one of them was a killer and also many dirty secrets started to be revealed about the Colliers family after the unexpected murders.

The episode begins with the commander of troops sent by Viktor Sams. He gave a speech in front of the passengers. He said that most of the passengers were wealthy and also did dirty things in their lives, so innocent people had the only chance to escape from the ship. He exports all the innocent people, Agent Hilde, Rufus Coteworth and Winnie through safe boats.

The rest of the people were stuck inside the ship. He offered a deal with the passengers that there is nine seats available on their flight, the highest bidder would get more seats and others would die after the blast. Passengers got panicked and started talking about the way out. Tripp Collier requested Anna to book the seats for the whole family, she is a mess and she doesn’t know how to react in such a situation.

Sunil and Jules searched the engine room and they found a hidden bomb. Later, Sunil, Jules, Imogene Scott, Teddy and Leila started gathering more information on Viktor Sams. Imogene Scott got tensed after Rufus Coteworth had gone out of the ship.

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Eleanor told Celia Chun to block the entire flight for them. Celia Chun doesn’t like the idea of people giving life to only wealthy people instead of the poor. Celia Chun had enough money to buy the whole flight but made up her mind to not join the bidding. Eleanor got emotional after Celia Chun’s words, she was worried about her life, so goes to the commander and asked him for a seat.

He gave her a seat after hearing her proposal. She gave him a proposal that if he told everybody that she bid for a billion, then others would raise their money too. He was convinced by the proposal, then he approved her to be on board.

Tripp Collier seems shocked at the situation, he tries his best to leave the ship alive. His friends were discussing a plan to hijack the helicopter and escape from the ship. Tripp Collier seems confused about the situation. The priest asked for money from Celia Chun, but she didn’t accept his request. Later, he sees Lawrence Collier drinking juice, and the priest already knows that Lawrence Collier has dementia. He took out a blank cheque and told Lawrence Collier to sign on the cheque, he also added that Katherine Collier already approved it.

Lawrence Collier was not in a normal state, so signed the blank cheque. Tripp Collier went to the commander to request the seats for three billion dollars, the commander insisted he show the money in his account. Tripp looked into his account and saw that three billion dollars had vanished. The priest already applied the Colliers check with the commander for his seats.

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Tripp got shocked and he couldn’t find a better option to leave the ship. His friends were already on a plan to hijack the helicopter, Tripp also joined the plan and he left to find Anna. He looked for her everywhere, but couldn’t find her. His friends tried to leave with the helicopter by themselves,up in the air, the helicopter got blasted. Imogene Scott and the team tried to find out who’s real Viktor Sams, she went to the commander’s room to seek more clues. There she took his watch openly, unknowingly she theft Danny’s notebook. While looking at his notebook, they found out that his writings are code words only.

Imogene and the team started writing the keywords on board and cracked the codes. They got the idea of looking at the visuals before his death, they took the priest’s son’s mobile and looked at his old video. Imogene Scott found out who is Viktor sams. She went to the office room and called Viktor Sams. Shockingly, it’s Agent Hilde who’s the real Viktor Sams. On that old video, they found Hilde on a crew member uniform, later she came up with an Interpol outfit.

Imogene Scott starts connecting all the dots and in the end, she finds out that all these murders and incidents happened for a reason. Viktor Sams went against these people because it was personal and shockingly the real truth is Imogene’s mother is Agent hilde aka Viktor Sams.

Overall the ninth episode ended with the banger twist. Probably the ninth episode became the best episode from the entire show. The real identity of Viktor sams was revealed and it was one of the most thrilling reveals in recent times. Let’s see what’s going to happen in the finale episode.



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