Timmy In Blockbuster Real Person: Netflix’s new sitcom “Blockbuster” tells the story of the last blockbuster on the planet and how its employees, with their efforts try to keep it afloat so it doesn’t close down on top of those efforts is their new manager Timmy Yoon, who has been working here since his childhood and never left and now when corporate is shutting down the Blockbusters, Timmy realizes that it’s not just a business, it’s a community that he needs to protect so he takes over the last Blockbuster.

With such an effort in the wake of community building, it’s evident that we’d want to know if Timmy played by Randall Park is based on a real person. Well, let us be your ally in that.

In short, the answer is no.

The creator of the show Vanessa Ramos who also created Brooklyn Nine-Nine & Superstore took no real reference to write the character of Timmy. However, if we look at the real last Blockbuster on the planet in the city of Bend, Oregon, and whatever we found about her from the documentary “The Last Blockbuster” which focuses on Sandi Harding’s effort to run the Blockbuster store.

If we look at these two characters, one fictional and the other one really, there are similarities, one pretty evident that both of these people value the need for community and are trying to hold onto the store which is their way to be connected to the society and what is also a community hub because who doesn’t like movies, right? Other than that, Sandi Harding also likes to call herself “Blockbuster Mom” which is similar to Timmy who refers to himself as “Blockbuster Daddy”.



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