Last Blockbuster Store Real Location: Netflix’s new sitcom ‘Blockbuster’ is about the employees of the last operating Blockbuster video rental store on the planet and how they navigate through their lives and come on top of it by humor.

However, “The Last Blockbuster on the Planet” has a certain ring to it, right? It’s like the end of an era but we’re moving on to more secluded and closed-off lives with us getting stuck on our TV Screen binging stuff and leaving it on the AI Bot to recommend some good stuff to us based on our search history or watch history.

But the old school me wouldn’t accept that who loves going out to the stores and having conversations with the people like me who love movies and know me as their recurring customer. Isn’t that a sense of community that we deserve? Well, that’s what Timmy played by Randall Park thought when he took the last blockbuster on the planet off the hands of corporate and decided to run it himself.

However, a question arises in our minds whether that store located in Michigan is a real store or not. And if it’s not real, where is the real store location, if there is any? Well, we have some answers for you

In short, the Iron Creek we saw in the show is not a real place but a stream that flows through Washtenaw Country in the Great Lake State. But it seems like Iron Creek can be a fictionalized version of the Iron River, a city located in Iron County in Michigan which is also a small town with a population of around 3 thousand only.

Blockbuster, when at its peak had around 9 thousand stores around the world and there is a high possibility that there was a Blockbuster store in Iron River but specifically the last operating Blockbuster. Nope.

The last operating Blockbuster was located in the city of Bend, Oregon, and in 2019, it earned that title and is still going strong. Dedicated to the community building of Bend which also resembles Iron Creek.



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