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Blockbuster Store Close Down In The End Of Season 1 ? | Netflix

Blockbuster Store Close Down: Netflix’s new sitcom ‘Blockbuster’ tells the story of Timmy who is the manager of the last Blockbuster on the planet. The series goes on with his struggles to keep the store afloat and bring more subscriptions to the store.

The passion behind Timmy’s obsession with the store starts when he was a child he worked at the store and never left and now he’s the manager of the store. After the store is without the protective net of the corporate that used to pay for the store and employees, Timmy decides to own the store, and well, that brings a lot of struggle and problems his way. That being said, Timmy does not have a perfect life either.

Timmy is a divorce child who has lot all hope in the concept of marriage and the little hope he had for marriage would’ve been with Eliza, his childhood crush and his co-worker who is back with her husband who cheated on her.

Timmy, on the other hand, had never been outspoken with his feelings and had kept it bottled in. Not only his love life, but his personal life also is not so good as well. Middle-aged Timmy lives with three roommates and is not doing so well financially because Blockbuster doesn’t pay so well and now he’s the owner, he has to take care of everything for the employees and that leaves him fending for even the rent.

Other than that, his parents still call him for petty reasons as both of them are in the same retirement home and are constantly calling him for help. For a divorce child, who has seen his parents fight all the time in his childhood and see the same thing in his adulthood is traumatizing. So, the ending of Season 1 left Timmy in shambles when nothing in his life is going well and the store has just taken a huge blow and they’re back to square one after putting in so much effort by Timmy and the employees.

In the end, Timmy seems to have lost all hope for the store, and the last conversation we see him having is with Eliza where he’s just hopeless about the store and walks away. However, for a person who loves Blockbuster so much and the community it brings, he’s not the person to quit easily so we think that he’s going to be at it again the next day or maybe after a short break.



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