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Shadow Lake Killer Real ? | Netflix | Blockbuster

Netflix’s Blockbuster follows the relationship between the employees of the last Blockbuster on the planet and how they navigate through their lives and support each other and at the same time delivering humor at the same time.

If you’re familiar with Vanessa Ramos’s previous works, this one is not different and it follows the workplace relationships like her previous works such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Superstore.

However, this one is based on the real Blockbuster stores that went extinct or out of business when the big streamers arrived and the introduction of AI into their lives so the show has some reality attached to it but is everything portrayed in the series is true? Well, if we’re talking specifically in Episode 3 Connie & Kayla perceive that Hannah doesn’t know how her mother died and at the same time they were talking about the dateline Episode which featured a serial killer who killed a specific type of woman and Hannah’s mother fitted in that criteria so they start an investigation.

But the real question is, whether the Shadow Lake Killer is a real killer or not.

Well, in short, the answer is no. There aren’t any serial killers that killed Redheads who were 5’9” and carried a book with them near Shadow Lake. But if we get rid of some criteria, we might have a match.

A serial killer is believed to have murdered several redhead females across the country between 1978 to 1992 and the authorities believe that the serial killer is Jerry Leon but the murders have happened in multiple states and Michigan, is not one of them. However, specifically talking about Michigan, it has its own set of serial killers who terrorized the state. In 1967-1969, John Norman Collins is believed to have killed several young women within a 15-mile radius of Washtenaw County and there are a couple more.

However, it seems that Vanessa Ramos has taken inspiration from multiple serial killers and written this specific incident or the Shadow Lake serial killer which is not real.



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