Netflix’s new sitcom ‘Blockbuster’ tells the story of Timmy who is the manager of the last Blockbuster on the planet. The series goes on with his struggles to keep the store afloat and bring more subscriptions to the store.

However, no sitcom is complete without a love interest the lead character either develops a thing for, along the show, or is his/her childhood crush, and rest assured, Blockbuster has that as well.

Its Eliza, a Harvard dropout who Timmy used to go to Highschool with and has had a crush on her since then but his shy nature prevented him to confess anything and when he did feel confident enough, she moved to another city to study at Harvard but then dropped out, got married and has a daughter.

Timmy felt his chances going up once again when he sees Eliza’s life crumble down after her husband cheats on her which makes her walk out of the marriage and is now back in her hometown looking for a job and she finds herself working at a Blockbuster, exact place where she worked during summer.

Timmy, again when feels it’s the right time finds out that she’s back with her husband and they’re giving it a shot to which Timmy feels like he needs to move on from Eliza which his friend Percy and his daughter help him with.

Along the show, Eliza realizes that her husband’s cheating wasn’t the only thing that made her walk out of the marriage but also realizes that they’re very different people and hardly have anything in common and it took getting back with her husband to realize how much she’s into Timmy who knows her a lot better than her husband and has a lot in common with Eliza.

Towards the end of this season, both are in different relationships and both of them break up with their respective partners but unaware of the other’s opinion, they fall prey to the misunderstanding again. Timmy is under the impression that Eliza is going to get married again and walks away from Eliza.

So, whatever hopes we have for the two of them getting together, it’s going to happen in the next season, maybe.



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