‘The Other Black Girl’ Cancelled After Season 1: After showing a shocking twist at the end of season 1 and having an overall intriguing story, viewers were eagerly expecting a season 2 of ‘The Other Black Girl’, but recently Hulu has confirmed that there won’t be any season 2 of ‘The Other Black Girl’ and the comedy-drama which was based on Zakiya Dalila Harris’ Novel of the same name has come to an end.

The show focuses on Nella Rogers performed by Sinclair Daniels, the only Black employee at publishers Wagner Books. Later in the show when Hazel-May McCall which is performed by Ashleigh Murray is onboarded in the company, Nella is no longer the only Black woman in the organization but their interaction brings out dramatic turns and twists.

Nella starts to suspect that there is something wrong going on in the company and then she has this doubt about whether Hazel is a friend or a foe.

The first part of the film, ‘The Other Black Girl’ starred Brittany Adebumola as Malaika, Bellamy Young as Wagner Books editor, Hunter Parrish as Nella’s boyfriend, Eric McCormack as Wagner Books founder and Garcelle Beauvais as a renowned author.

No doubt, this show was one of the most anticipated shows for Hulu and based on the tragic end of season 1, season 2 was much expected by the audience. But now, as we have received the confirmed news from the production house that there is no season 2 in making so we can conclude the story as it is.

For more such stories and information, stay tuned with us and if you happen to be a ‘The other black girl’ film fan, do let us know in the comments about your views regarding the news of the cancellation of it’s season 2.


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