Why Fighter Is Flop? : Fighter box office numbers are shocking nowadays, and everyone is so surprised after the Monday numbers. Many of our readers were asking about the reason behind the ‘Fighter’ box office numbers and why the film failed at the box office. Here we are going to tell about the possible reasons why the film failed at the box office.

The film stars Deepika Padukone, Hrithik Roshan, Anil Kapoor, and others in the main lead role, and the film is directed by Sidharth Anand. The film was released at the box office on 25th Jan 2024 and collected around 146 Crores in 7 Days. The film was made on a massive budget of around 250 Crores, and this film is going to be one of the biggest flops of Hrithik Roshan’s career.

Poor On Ground Promotions

Let’s start with the basic reason. One of the most basic reasons behind this film’s failure was the On-Ground promotions. The makers and actors did very little promotion of the film on the ground and even on social media. There was no buzz about the film at the ground level, and even the stars didn’t go to public places to promote the film, and this is the biggest reason why the film crashed at the box office. Hrithik and Deepika both only shared teasers and posters on their social handles, and these were not enough to bring the audiences to the big screens.

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Music and BGM

Many of you may disagree on this, but I feel that the BGM of the film was not up to the mark, and even on the big screens, it never gives you thrill and emotion. The BGM and songs of Uri were so good that they are still loved by the audiences. The film lacks a chartbuster song before the release, and even now there is no buzz about the songs of the film. After the poor ground promotions, the BGM and songs are the second reasons why Fighter failed at the box office.

Same Old War Story

Another big reason behind the failure of the film is the timing of release. For the last 1-2 years, we have been watching war-related films continuously, and there are high chances that the majority of the audiences are fed up with the same India-Pakistan story, and they don’t want to see anything more on this. There is a huge chance that the film based on War and Army will not perform well at the box office for the upcoming years.

Failed To Connect With Audiences

There are two big issues with the technical aspects of the film. The emotional connect was missing from the film, and the screenplay was also not up to the mark. The film fails to connect audiences emotionally, and that hampered the good word of mouth for the film, and thus after Sunday, we saw a huge drop in the box office numbers.

We Failed As An audience!

Whatever the verdict of the film is, there is one truth that the film was one of the best action films ever made in India, and no matter what the box office fate of the film, it remains a fact. The same audiences are going to cheer up for the film on the OTT. One thing is sure that if the film fails at the box office, it is not only the failure of Sidharth, Hrithik, or Deepika, but it will be a failure for us – we failed as an audience.

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