The Other Black Girl Episode 1: Hulu’s original TV show, ‘The Other Black Girl’ is now streaming on Hulu with 10 Episodes. We are covering the Episode-wise recap of the show and here goes the Episode 1 recap of the show with ending Explanations.

The story of the show starts with a backstory in New York City in 1988, where we get to see that a girl named Nella is mentally disturbed and is feeling something all around her. The story now jumps to the present day in the Metro, and then we get to see that Nella works at a company called Wagner Books as a book reader and editor.

We then get introduced to some more characters from the show, like Vera (Nell is her assistant), Yang, and Sophie, who work together in the same office. Very soon, we also get introduced to another character named Hazel, who has newly joined the office, and she is working as an assistant to Diana. We also get to see that Nella has a boyfriend named Owen.

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Nella has to read a book which was written by Collen Franklin, who is one of the prestigious and rich clients of the company. When Vera asked about the book review, Nella said that she didn’t really like the book. Vera advised her not to say anything bad about the book as Collen is a very crucial client for the company, and he is very close to Richard, the owner of the company. Nella agreed that she would not say anything bad about the book.

The next day, Nella shares the same thing with Hazel. Hazel says that she should be honest and she should give an honest review of the book to Collen. Nella then decides that she will share the real review of the book with Collin. During the party when Collen asks about his book review with Nella, she says that she didn’t like the character of the Black Girl in the book that much. Collin, when he asks the same thing from Hazel, Hazel betrays Nella and says that she liked the book.

Collin get impressed with Hazel, and everyone at the office was looking mad at Nella. The next day, when Nella is about to leave the office, she gets a message on paper that someone has threatened her to leave the office, and episode 1 ends here.

Episode 1 of the show was mainly about the characters’ introduction. We get to see some shocking twists as the Hazel character looks interesting. Let’s wait and watch what the series has to offer in the upcoming episodes.



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