Argylle Movie Cat Breed: Since the release of the trailer of the film, Argylle has been in the news, and it’s not because of the trailer or the star cast, but it is all because of a cute cat that is shown in the trailer. Many of our readers were asking about the name of the Cat breed, Price, and some other details. Here we are with everything that you need to know.

The cute cat is from the ‘Scottish Fold’ breed and it costs around 1000-1500$ in the US market. The cat used in the film is real while some of the stunts and sequences were shot on Green screen by using VFX. The same breed of cat is also owned by Taylor Swift. The fun fact is that the cat is a real Pet of Matthew Vaughn.

The film stars big named and it is made on a massive budget of more than 200 Million dollars. The film was released on the big screens on 2nd Feb. 2024 and is not performing well at the box office. The film receives Mixed responses from the audiences as well as the critics.

If the film follows the same trend, the film will be a box office flop and then it will Jump for the VOD release on Apple Tv. The date of OTT release is yet to be confirmed by the makers.

Hope you got an idea about the Argylle Movie Cat and its Breed. What do you think about the film? Please let us know in the comments.


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