The Last Of Us Episode 7: The Last Of Us, HBO Original Series has been creating ripples in the World Of Television as the Episodes continue to give us more than we can imagine, from great VFX to a storyline that is full of emotions.

Episode 7 follows up after Joel gets stabbed outside the Colorado University in search of Fireflies but the Episode ends up with Ellie trying to keep Joel awake. If you’re interested in what happens in Episode 7, which is also the season finale, let us be your ally.

The Last Of Us Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Summary Explained

After Joel gets stabbed in the stomach by one of the raiders at Colorado University in search of fireflies, Ellie somehow takes him into one of the houses and he forces her to leave him and go back to Tommy. After that, the rest of the Episode tells us the backstory of Ellie and her friend Riley in FEDRA Camp. After Ellie gets into trouble at the FEDRA Camp in Boston after she beats up another student at the camp, her officer makes her understand about the benefits of becoming an officer at FEDRA.

That night, she’s visited by her best friend Riley who has joined the Fireflies and she takes Ellie on a night out where they go to the closed-down mall where Riley was stationed by the Fireflies. She takes Ellie through the whole mall by showing some wonders like the escalator, arcade, and merry-go-round but then she finds out that Riley has been making bombs at the mall after she finds out that Riley was stationed there.

Ellie leaves thereafter Riley comes clean it’s her last day in Boston because she’s been stationed in Atlanta QZ by the Fireflies. Ellie leaves but then comes back again and the two talk about being happy for each other and Ellie letting her go. The two start playfully dancing with masks on after which Ellie kisses Riley and asks her to don’t go. Riley agrees to that and the two decide that they’re going to figure it out.

However, they get attacked by an infected and both of them get bit after Ellie kills him with her knife. The both of them decide that it is their fate and they will not die voluntarily but let fate control it and they’re going to be there for each other until it’s their time to turn.

Then we come to the present time where Ellie was leaving earlier after Joel had pushed her but now she starts to look around the house to find something to treat Joel with and she finds needle and thread with which she starts to stitch his wound.

The Last Of US Season 1 has now ended. It is currently streaming on HBO Max.



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