The Last Of Us Episode 1 Recap: HBO Original “The Last Of Us” has officially arrived with an 80 Minute First Episode that gives us the know-how of this POST-Apocalyptic World of 2023. It stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey along with other actors.

This HBO Original is based on the PlayStation Studios Video Game “The Last Of Us” which was created by Naughty Dog and written by Neil Druckmann who also created it for Television along with Craig Mazin. If you’re curious about the first Episode and what it featured, you’re at the right place.

The Last Of Us Episode 1 Recap

We’re introduced by a Talk-Show in 1968 where a couple of Epidemiologists are invited and they share their concerns over a possible pandemic era. One of them shares that fungus is the one everyone should be careful about because if the earth was supposed to get a bit warmer, that would trigger the need to evolve in the fungus and with their function to control the minds of their hosts not letting them die and preventing the decomposition of their bodies, the world will come to perish.

The Episode moves to 2003 where we’re introduced by Joel and his daughter Sarah and their uncle Tommy where its Joel’s birthday and over the news there’s news about unrest in Jakarta and the three of them are also talking. Joel drops Sarah to school along with Tommy where they talk a little with their neighbors.

After school, Sarah goes to a pawn shop to get her father’s watch fixed but she’s made to leave the shop when the shopkeepers abruptly close the shop. Sarah arrives home and goes to her neighbor to bake some cookies and keep her company.

Her father arrives late and at midnight, Joel had to leave to bail his brother Tommy out of the jail. However, with her father gone Sarah finds choppers flying outside like it’s some kind of emergency and after she steps out of the house, she finds the neighboring old lady to be eating and sprints to attack Sarah who runs outside where they’re saved by her father and Uncle Tommy.

The three of them drive to find somewhere they could go but soon get in an accident after a plane crashes and they get hurt. Joel takes Sarah into her hands after she hurts her ankle but are met by an Officer who gets ordered by the higher-ups to shoot both of them down and he shoots after Joel and makes a run for it. The Officer is shot down by Uncle Tommy but Sarah dies after she’s shot.

After we move to 2023, in a time where everything is closed off where inside those closed-off areas of FEDRA where Military Rules are implemented and deserters are hanged to death, there are inner tensions between FEDRA and a group of militants called “Firefly”. Joel does small, illegal jobs for people like bringing in stuff and then moving cargo to the other side of the wall. We see FEDRA doing experiments on children and then burning those children.

The Firefly people have been trying to revolutionize this military imposition but haven’t made their mark yet they have been keeping a girl hostage named Ellie who seems to be very important for their revolution and in a shootout where every Firefly is left injured and the mere coincidence that Joel along with Tess came there to retrieve their battery that someone stole. Joel is asked to take Ellie to the Old State House and in return, he could have a truck full of supplies.

Joel and Tess agree to do the job and while they are on the run, they cross the wall but then find an Officer which Ellie stabs with her knife after a pause Joel kills him to save while he remembers the time when Sarah died and he couldn’t do anything.

The Episode ends with the three crossing the wall into the city of Boston where the Virus is out and everything is haywire.

The Last Of Us Episode 1 is currently streaming on HBO Max In the US and Disney Hotstar in India.



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