The Last Of Us Episode 4: HBO Original “The Last Of Us” has returned for its second Episode with a runtime of 52 minutes it tells the story of a POST-Apocalyptic Earth after humanity has been overtaken by fungi that have taken over the minds of humankind and are controlling them. Based on the famous game of the same title, the series stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the lead roles with other actors.

Episode 3 showed us Bill and Frank’s story of how they met up until their final decision to die together followed by Joel and Ellie coming there to find them. If you’re interested in what happened in Episode 4, you’re at the right place.

Recap & Summary

Episode 4 starts with Ellie trying to learn to shoot in front of a mirror in front of an old abandoned gas station while Joel is trying to extract gas from abandoned cars after they go back on the road. Ellie keeps the gun in her backpack and the two are on their way to Wyoming while Alone And Forsaken by Hank Williams play in the stereo.

The two come across a blocked tunnel at Kansas City and Joel takes another route from inside the city to come to the other side of the tunnel there, they’re met by an injured guy who asks for help. Joel instantly knows that he isn’t injured and asks Ellie to put her seatbelt on as Joel rushes the car which is followed by the people shooting at them and the car crashes inside a building after its tires are slashed. The two come out of the car to protect them from the two guys shooting at them who are saying to hand over the supplies and they will let them go.

Joel asks Ellie to fit inside a hole in a nearby wall and not to come out until he asks her to and then he starts to shoot at those people killing both of them. However, there’s also a third person who sneaks up on Joel and strangles him with a gun on his neck until Ellie comes out and shoots him. Joel takes the gun from her and asks her to go back to the hole because he didn’t want her to see him kill a person.

Recap: The Last Of Us Episode 3 Recap

We see another character Kathleen played by Melanie Lynskey who is trying to coax out the whereabouts of Henry from her doctor who was previously an agent for FEDRA. It seems that her brother was brutally beaten and killed by FEDRA after Henry had told them about her brother’s whereabouts so she wants to take revenge on him.

She comes out to see the dead guys that Joel killed and she thinks it’s the guys sent by Henry and asks all the guys to find them and kill them. The findings send them to an abandoned attic inside a building where they find pictures of two people, one adult, and one child together from the paintings and it also seemed like they were out of food.

On the other hand, Joel and Ellie find their way into a 45-floor building and they climb all the way to the top floor and sleep there.

Before they go to sleep, Ellie and Joel share a moment of laughter when she tells him a lame joke, and the two laugh together which was a nice moment to see. However, in the end of the Episode, Ellie wakes Joel up with a gun to her face and there’s a child who has a gun to Joel’s head. They seem to be the people who were living in the attic and probably, the ones that Kathleen is after but we’ll see that in the next Episode.

Episode 4 is currently streaming on HBO Max in the US and Disney Hotstar in India.



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