Bill Hader’s Dark Comedy which ended its Season 3 this past weekend has scored another Season renewal from HBO. The show is about an army ranger turned hitman who finds a hidden passion in acting and moves on but his past doesn’t stop catching up to him.

The ghosts of his past sneak up on him and that’s what makes the show really relatable to the audience. After the show’s third garnered highly positive reviews from critics and the audience. Penned by SNL Fame Bill Hader (IT, Superbad, Trainwreck) and Alec Berg, the show is famous for its intimate and dark comedy.

Season 3 was a step up in terms of the cinematography and screenplay and some of the episodes were directed by Bill Hader who also stars in the show as Barry Berkman. Barry has been nominated for 30 Emmy Awards and managed to win 6 Emmy Awards, one of them being Best Actor in a Comedy Role.

Barry is streaming on HBO Max and Season 3 consisted of 8 episodes that are released weekly. Bill Hader has stepped up his game this season showing his directorial skills which have the audience madly in love with the show.

Bill Hader is known for his comedic roles apart from IT but being from SNL, he has been doing a commendable job creating Barry. There’s no news about when Season 4 will stream right now.

Season 4 of the show will release by Next year, the official release date is yet to be confirmed, but you can be expected the series to release by Mid 2023, we will get back to you with the official date soon.


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