HBO Original “The Last Of Us” has returned for its second Episode with a runtime of 52 minutes which tells the story of a POST-Apocalyptic Earth after humanity has been overtaken by fungi that have taken over the minds of humankind and are controlling them. Based on the famous game of the same title, the series stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the lead roles with other actors.

Episode 1 showed us the backstory of Joel played by Pedro and how he lost his daughter and how he and Tess take up a job to transport Ellie, a girl important to the Fireflies, a revolutionary group that wants to stop FEDRA and its military dictatorship.

The Last Of Us Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

After Joel kills a guard in the night while they were getting to the other side of the wall into the city, the night passes and Ellie wakes up with Joel and Tess aiming at her because they saw a bite mark on Ellie’s arm. Ellie is questioned about it and tells them that she was bitten but nothing has happened to her until now and she was part of a series of tests as well. Joel is aware of these tests done by corporations but is skeptical because they never succeed.

However, Joel and Tess decide that they will complete the job and then come back to the QZ. On their way, they come across a path where they’re not sure which way to go, and for a better look at the situation, they decide to go to the hotel and check out from above. Ellie sees the infected from the hotel and is informed by Tess that the infected are connected by the Fungus which is in themselves but also grows underground and can be connected as long as a mile.

The trio then decides to go through the museum but they end up finding the infected there Joel and Tess are able to kill them but Ellie is bitten on her right hand. Tess asks her to cover it with a band-aid and the three move West to the place they were supposed to drop Ellie but they don’t find anyone there.

Joel finds the people killed outside the truck with blood on the stairs and after the three get inside, they find out that all the people have been killed. Joel tells Tess that it’s over and there’s nothing they can do and they should go back but Tess denies to. Ellie identifies that Tess has been bitten and Tess shows the right side of her neck has been infected and she is soon going to turn.

In the meantime, she tells Joel that Ellie has not been infected after being bitten the second time by the infected and she is the real cure for this. Tess asks Joel to take Ellie to Bill and Frank’s and they will take her off of his hands. An infected tries to bite Joel but he shoots him which sends a signal to all of the infected out there by the fungi and the rest come running.

Tess asks Joel to save who can be saved and in the meantime, she starts to pour the diesel and ammunition on the ground waiting for the infected to come so she can blow the place up but the light doesn’t light up.

She keeps trying but it doesn’t until one infected hears her and he comes up to her with the fungus coming out of his mouth while he is giving the fungus to Tess by his mouth to hers the lighter lights up and the whole place explodes. Joel and Ellie are right outside and they head for Bill & Franks.

The Last Of Us Season 1 Episode 2 is currently streaming on HBO MAX and Disney+ in India.



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