HBO Original “The Last Of Us” has returned for its second Episode with a runtime of 52 minutes it tells the story of a POST-Apocalyptic Earth after humanity has been overtaken by fungi that have taken over the minds of humankind and are controlling them. Based on the famous game of the same title, the series stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the lead roles with other actors.

Episode 2 gave us a glimpse of the world outside the QZ and how the fungus is spread all across the hosts after Joel and Ellie barely escape after Tess is infected and dies.

The Last Of Us Episode 3 Recap & Summary

Joel and Ellie have barely escaped after Tess gets infected and blows up the entire place where the hosts come after one sends a signal to the rest. After spending their night in the woods, Ellie and he starts going outside Boston to Bill and Frank’s because they would know what to do with the situation they are in. The two of them stop at an old abandoned gas station where Joel had stashed some of the utilities like guns and stuff.

RecapThe Last Of Us Episode 2 Recap

Ellie wanders inside while Joel tries to find the place he had stashed his supplies. Ellie finds an infected person stuck under the debris and she cuts his forehead to see if blood comes out or not and ultimately kills him with her knife.

The two resume their journey towards Bill and Frank’s until they come across a place where Joel doesn’t want to take Ellie but after she insists, they find bones everywhere and Joel tells her that after the government found out the spread of the virus, they started moving the people to the QZ and the ones that remained after there was no space for them, they were burned to death to minimize the infection.

We go back in time to that time when the government was shifting people from their homes to the QZ and Bill as we see him hiding under his bunker after the whole town is abandoned, he comes out and goes out to the nearby store and warehouse to gather supplies. He creates a fortress for himself that would protect him from the infected by planting traps and electricity wires all across the area around him but one day he finds a man in one of his traps and he turns out to be Frank.

Frank tells him that he’s not infected and asks for help so he could be on his way but then he requests for some food and after hesitation, Bill cooks for him and serves it along with wine. Frank is amazed by his cooking and afterward, the two hit it off and get into a relationship.

Bill is not the trusting kind but Frank is and he is the one that gets connected to Joel and Tess. He invites the two over one day for lunch and Bill and Joel discuss an arrangement they could come to Bill denies but it was Frank who decided that they will do business together.

Years pass and as Joel said that his fortress isn’t bulletproof and he needs to take more measures because there are going to be raiders and they will come for everything the day comes when they do and Bill gets shot in the combat. Years pass and Frank gets a wheelchair ridden and Bill takes him wherever he wants to go.

The Last Of Us Episode 1 Review, Recap

The two are old now but fulfill each other until one day, Frank asks Bill to help him die because the condition he has, isn’t treatable and he wants to decide when he’s going to die and he wants Bill to help him. Bill, however, does everything to help but also decides that he will also die alongside Frank and both of them die voluntarily after laying on the bed together. Years after Joel and Ellie come there in search of them but find them dead after Ellie finds a letter from Bill to Joel where he has given him a key to all of his resources.

What gets to Joel is Bill mentions that he didn’t have any purpose before he met Frank and protecting him was his purpose and he expects the same from Joel to protect Tess. Tess being dead now hits Joel but he musters up the courage to move on and charges the battery of the car in the garage for further journey.

Joel tells Ellie that his brother Tommy is in Wyoming and he used to be a firefly which means that he knows places where Ellie can go. He offers Ellie to come with but with strict rules to which she agrees. The two start their journey to Wyoming to find Joel’s brother Tommy.



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