The Impossible Heir season 2 Release Date: Disney plus presents a career thriller drama called ‘ The Impossible Heir’. The plot revolves around a greedy illegitimate son who teams up with his close friend to become the next successor of his family company.

During the journey of their upliftment, the illegitimate son eventually betrays his close friend and shows his true face. The later part of the story deals with the conflict between the family members and the illegitimate son, where all of them are fighting for the chairman’s seat.

The Impossible heir is an intriguing business thriller in South Korean drama. This youth career show is directed by Min Yeon-Hong and written by Choi Won. This Disney plus original series consists of twelve episodes in total. The show premiered with average reviews on February 28th. The season one finale was released on April 3, which got far more reception than initial reports.

The show has an incredible cast and average writing. Apart from a few Netflix original shows, Usually, every Korean drama will have only one season. Initially, the production department only planned to release one season, looking at the average to good reports from Korean drama fans, the makers likely renewed the show for a second season.

The Impossible Heir’s first season ended with a happy ending. The season started with a mutual deal between childhood friends Han Taeo and Kang Inha. The illegitimate son of the Kangoh family set a deal with his childhood friend Han Taeo, and they both went through many hurdles to reach out for a position in the Kangoh group. Kang Inha proposed and engaged with his academic friend, who’s also a crush on Han Taeo. Their relationship went through a triangular conflict throughout the show.

At some point, Han Taeo made a way for Kang Inha for a position at Kangoh company. While working as the chief secretary of the Chairman, Han Taeo tried his best to highlight his close friend as the next successor. Eventually everything went wrong when Kang Inha started showing his filthy mindset. He killed Kang Inju and trapped Han Taeo in prison.

The Impossible Heir finale focused on the upliftment of Han Taeo and the downfall of Kang Inha. Han Taeo got out of prison without any charges, but Kang Inha and his associate were arrested by the prosecutors. Kangoh group met a huge crisis during the hospitalization of the Chairman, but with the support from Han Taeo’s anonymous company shares, he protected the company from going underground. At the end of the first season, Han Taeo was appointed as the new chairman of Kangoh Company and he successfully completed the dream of the former chairman, which is the great Kangoh City.

The next season of ‘Impossible Heir’ probably deals with the future projects of Han Taeo. As the new chairman, he will change the face of the company into whole another level in the next season. Eventually, Han Taeo will marry Na Hye in the next season.

The second season of ‘The Impossible Heir’ will possibly be released on next year’s end. The complete twelve episodes from the first season are currently streaming through Disney Plus around the globe.



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