Parasyte The Grey Episode 1: Netflix presents yet another science fiction Korean drama ‘Parasyte: The Grey’ in six episodes of about one-hour runtime per episode. The drama is another addition to the creature-type story series from Netflix. On a day many parasites fell to earth and started entering to the humans. As these people became their hosts, these parasites controlled their brains and started to form a group against humans.

The special government agencies started their missions to eradicate these hosts and thus protect the people is the story of this series. This drama is Based on a manga series “Kiseiju” by Hitoshi Iwaaki which was adapted into Japanese tv before too.

The pilot episode started at a DJ party where people were dancing and vibing to the songs. The parasites fell down to the earth, and one of the parasites went to a room where a guy was drinking and entered his brain through his ears. A sudden change in his face happened after the parasite entered inside him. Later the DJ lady went to room lookout for drinks.

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After drinking alcohol she saw the guy sitting on the sofa unconscious. She called him to enjoy the party, but he didn’t stand up, and she went out. Later he woke up and went to the party ground and suddenly his face changed to a creature and started attacking the people there. The creature had many hands to kill and pull the things that can be stretched also.

An hour ago, A psychopath guy came to the supermarket where Jeong Su In works. He took the meat without the price sticker and went to the billing counter where Jeong Su In was working. Jeong Su In asked him to get a price sticker after weighing it but he talked very rudely to her and started making a scene. Later he went out. After Jeong Su In’s working time, she took her scooter to go home, but that guy started following her.

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On the way to her home on a stranded place surrounding fields the guy hit her scooter. Jeong Su In fell on to the field and started running. But the guy took the knife and ran behind and stabbed her back many times. Jeong Su In tried to run but as she got wounded and the blood was going too much she fell at the field unconscious. A parasite came there and entered her, at the same the guy got stripped into half by the parasite on her body.

The detectives found the body of the guy. Detective Kim Chul Min who is in charge of the incident heard the girl was Jeong Su In whom he knew before. Kim Chul Min helped her to get rid of her father’s torture to her. Kim Chul Min met Jeong Su In and asked about what happened. Apparently, she doesn’t know the guy was killed. Also, Jeong Su In’s wounds were healed and the doctors said it looked like old wounds but Jeong Su In confirmed it’s not old and explained she got stabbed many times.

A few months later, Seol Kang Woo went to kill a mafia boss. But that guy beat up Seol Kang Woo and escaped there. Later he called his co-workers and they told him to stay low for some time. Seol Kang Woo went to his sister’s house. Seol Kang Woo’s sister looked strange in behaviour. Seol Kang Woo has some doubts about her. The human hosts who have parasites inside them can detect other hosts who come near them.

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They call it their kin. Seol Kang Woo’s sister gets a call about Jeong Su In is their kin too, so they need to invite her to join their group. As Seol Kang Woo went to meet Jeong Su In. Seol Kang Woo followed her.

Seol Kang Woo’s sister and another guy invited Jeong Su Into their force. But she declined, so they checked if she was really their kin by attacking her with their creature-like head. They confirmed it’s true after seeing Jeong Su In’s head change to the creature. After they have gone Jeong Su In’s creature body sees Seol Kang Woo and warns him to tell Jeong Su In that she has a parasite inside and beware of others. Seol Kang Woo tells her when she came back to normal.

A special police force was started to find and kill these parasites. The lead agent Choi Jun Kyung who lost her husband to the parasite started finding and killing each host with the help of her husband’s mobilised body. There was a mass shooting on these founded hosts happened. Later Choi Jun Kyung called all detectives explaining the situation. Choi Jun Kyung told everyone that these parasites can be killed by shotguns, and they enter to body through the ears or mouth.

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The episode ended with Choi Jun Kyung giving all officers command to fight against these creatures as a team, at the same time parasite that entered Jeong Su In’s body recorded a video for her showing the creature’s face. The parasite wrote in a paper that she entered her body but couldn’t get control over her and now sit is protecting her body.

Overall the pilot episode was really engaging. Had some good moments, and some good action scenes. More to the plot will be shown in upcoming episodes.



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