The Impossible Heir Episode 6 Recap and Explained: Disney Plus presents a youth career drama. The plot revolves around three youngsters who are on their way to catch up with their bigger dreams. An illegitimate son and his bestie friend plan to take control of the wealthiest company in Korea. The illegitimate son takes his revenge on the family members while trying to become the next successor of the company.

Episode 6 opens with an ambulance arriving at the hospital carrying Han Taeo. He was admitted after the sudden attack by a stranger. Na Hye Won is with him while arriving at the hospital. Na Hye Won kept crying and depressed to Han Taeo in such a condition. At the same time, Kang Inha is having a conversation with Chairman Kang Joong Mo at home. While they are having drinks and discussing about the future plans of Kangoh, Chairman Kang Joong Mo asks Kang Inha if is there any he wants as a gift.

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Kang Inha expressed his wish to get married to Na Hye Won. Chairman Kang Joong Mo smiled and accepted his wish to marry Na Hye Won. Han Taeo was admitted to the emergency ward, he was covered in blood all over. Na Hye won and got pretty much worried about his condition. Na Hye Won calls Kang Inha to inform them about the incident, but he is in a conversation with Chairman Kang Joong Mo, so he deliberately cuts the call. Na Hye won Kept calling again and again untill he attended. Chairman Kang Joong Mo gave permission to Kang Inha to attend the call.

Na Hye Won informed us that Han Taeo is currently in critical condition after a suspicious attack. Kang Inha left him at home and joined with Na Hye Won at the hospital. Na Hye Won couldn’t stop crying, Kang Inha kept consoling her. Chairman Kang Joong Mo enquired about Han Taeo’s condition and Kang Inha planned not to inform anyone about it. They planned to close the case without any formalities. Kang Inha’s sister also found out that Han Taeo was at the hospital, she went to take care of him. There she saw Han Taeo holding the hands of Na Hye. Chairman Kang Joong Mo asked his attorney to investigate the murder attempt case of Han Taeo in secret.

Han Taeo was transferred to the VVIP ward at the hospital. Kang Inha informed him that the case was withdrawn due to the Kangoh group’s exposure. Han Taeo didn’t like the way they handled things. After Kang Inha left the hospital, Han Taeo went straight to the office to meet Chairman Kang Joong Mo. Han Taeo asked him why he didn’t want to investigate the attack, Chairman Kang Joong Mo was worried about getting exposed for being his boss. Han Taeo requested him to find out the man behind the attack in secret. He then went to the North Korean hacker guy, he somehow managed to find the surveillance footage.

Han Taeo came to the conclusion that Kang Inju planned the attack with the help of his assistant. He asked the hacker to gather all the dirty secrets of Kang Inju. Meanwhile, Kang Inha and Na Hye move forward with their relationship and have a meeting with the family. Na Hye meets Han Taeo at his home, and unexpectedly Taeo kisses her. Kang Inju’s assistant took their photos for future use. At the end of the episode, the wedding event of Kang Inha and Na Hye won were happening.

Hye Won had a conversation with Kang Inju, where he blackmailed her with the intimate kissing photos of Han Taeo. On a random day, Han Taeo woke up with a weapon on hand, covered in blood, Kang Inju and a girl were seen dead on the floor filled with blood.

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Overall the sixth episode is very much messed up. The story is going on a different perspective. The creators portrayed the main lead relationship on a negative note in this episode. The ending of the episode is unexpected and shocking. Let’s wait for the next episode to find out why Han Taeo killed Kang Inju.



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