The Impossible Heir Episode 4 Recap and Explained: Disney Plus presents another South Korean drama. The plot revolves around a wealthy Kangoh family. Things get messy inside the family when the time to announce the next successor arrives, an illegitimate son of the same family and his friend team up to take revenge on fellow family members. The thirst for the throne and the power among the blood relations is the core plot of the show.

The fourth episode begins with Chairman Kang Joong Mo’s wife entering Kangoh’s office. She took a secret pendrive that had hidden secrets about Chairman Kang Joong Mo. She took it for blackmailing him and put up a fight in front of him. Chairman Kang Joong Mo’s anger rose to a peak after seeing his wife trying to leak his secrets.

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At the same time, Prosecutors came up with a search warrant for the Kangoh group. They started searching everywhere at the office. Chairman Kang Joong Mo suddenly felt dizzy and he fell down to the floor while talking with his wife. He had a mild attack at the time and his wife didn’t move an inch to help him get up. He begged for the tables but denied that too. Later, she blamed and cursed him for everything and left the room.

Han Taeo felt something off at the Chairman’s office, he went for a routine check, he saw Chairman Kang Joong Mo lying on the floor. He looked at the Chairman’s face and called the emergency doctor to send an ambulance. Chairman Kang Joong Mo was admitted to the hospital, all his family members arrived at the hospital.

Han Taeo informed Kang Inha and Na Hye won, both were shocked after hearing the news. Kang Inha lost every hope on claiming his throne after hearing the news of the Chairman’s heart attack. Han Taeo entered the icu room and told the family members to go outside the room. Kang Inju noticed Han Taeo and later called him to the office. Kang Inju tries his best to get control of Han Taeo, but he openly rejects his offer. Kang Inju offered a huge apartment to Han Taeo, but he denied his offer.

Kang Inha got worried about the chairman and later reached the hospital, he asked Han Taeo about his future plans if the current plan fails, but Han Taeo assured him that everything would happen as per their plans. Chairman Kang Joong Mo quickly conducted a meeting with Kangoh shareholders. She selected her son Kang Seongju as the acting chairman of the company. At the hospital, Chairman Kang Joong Mo suddenly wakes up and stands in front of Han Taeo.

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It’s confirmed that Chairman Kang Joong Mo and Han Taeo fabricated the heart attack to fake his family members. The news about Milton’s deal was leaked by his wife, Han Taeo informed him to reveal the hint to prosecution, so his wife wouldn’t use that to blackmail him. Na Hye Won called Han Taeo and informed them that Kang Inha had been missing. Han Taeo gave a proposal to Chairman Kang Joong Mo to invite Kang Inha into the family as a legitimate son. With the help of Kang Inha, Chairman Kang Joong Mo can escape from the Miton case.

Kang Inha’s sister gets a proposal from a wealthy family, She rejects it and tells her mother not to force her to marry a man who already has a wife. She had a crush on Han Taeo from her school days when he first appeared as a tutor in front of her.

When She met him again at Kangoh company, She asked him to marry her, without a single thought, Han Taeo rejected her proposal. At the end of the fourth episode, Kang Inha meets his father and signs on bond paper, he raises a request to his father to announce him as a son in front of the public. Chairman Kang Joong Mo accepted his request and officially announced Kang Inha as a legitimate third son of the Kangoh group.

Overall the fourth episode had higher thrilling impact on the end. Compared to other episodes, this episode looks more engaging. The writing was perfect for this episode, at the same time the combo between the Chairman and Han Taeo got strong enough to make new moves. Let’s wait and see how it goes in upcoming episodes.



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