Flex x Cop Episode 12 Recap and Explained: Disney presents an action investigation show called Flex x Cop. The plot revolves around a rich young man, Jin Yi Soo, who got appointed as a detective on a crime investigation unit due to an unexpected incident that happened due to his interference, how he survives as a crime investigation detective and solves cases is the core plot of this show.

The episode begins on a night when Isoo and Lee Kang Hyun have a conversation inside the Oryun community office. While they were talking, they heard footsteps coming near the office. The light turned on and the Oryun community security guard saw Isoo standing at the office. Lee Kang Hyun was hidden behind the door, and Isoo kept talking to him.

The guard got suspicious and asked why is he there at this time. Isoo replied that he was looking for food. The guard gave him noodles and watched him the whole time when he ate it. Lee Kang Hyun took the fingerprints from Bori’s office and shared them with Isoo. He put fingerprints on a piece of paper and placed it near the window to be seen from outside.

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Bori ordered his staff to collect the list of newly arrived members at the Oryun community. The manager woman already saw Lee Kang Hyun going out the room at night. Later the staff told the manager to give him the list. The deputy superintendent received a huge amount of money from Bori, he informed them that Lee Kang Hyun would create problems for them. Reporter Gi Seok looked for his subordinate who had been missing for some days, she told him that she was looking into the murders that happened to Oryun community members.

The news channels reported the news of new suicide cases that happened with Oryun community members. Lee Kang Hyun’s mother was shocked after seeing the news, she informed her husband about it. Lee Kang Hyun’s father looked at her belongings to find out where she had gone. Later he found out that she was at the Oryun community. Lee Kang Hyun left his house and met his old friends at the police department. He quarrels in front of the chief, he wants Lee Kang Hyun to be safe from all these problems.

Team 1 and Team 2 talking about finding Bori, and suddenly Isoo’s secretary appears. He gave them two fingerprints to examine. He explained to them that both Isoo and Lee Kang Hyun is at Oryun community. When checked the fingerprints, they found out that his real name is not Bori. Meanwhile, at the Oryun community, the current manager introduced herself as sbc news reporter to Lee Kang Hyun. She joined the community to find out the truth about the suicides.

Shim Woo Hyuk and Lee Seong Wook are the two people who started this Oryun community. They met each other while working for the pyramid scheme company and with their special skills, they trapped the young people with many lies that they had found the truth to rebirth.

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They put young people to volunteer at nursing homes and drugged the old age people in a tea after making them addicted. Later they choose rich young people as targets and then they deceive them into donating all their wealth to the community for a chance of rebirth.

They give the patients a pill take the money after their death and get away without any regret. Bori found out that there was a page missing from the new arrivals list. He ordered the guards to bring the manager. Lee Kang Hyun found out that the manager is under their Custody, and she went directly to war with Bori and the team.

Isoo also joined with Lee Kang Hyun to fight against the Oryun community staff, unfortunately, they got trapped inside the underground water tank. The cops noticed all duty cops on a rescue mission for their subordinates. Bori and his associates tried to escape in his car, but suddenly the cops appeared in front of them. Team 1 did their best to open the tank, Isoo protected Lee Kang Hyun inside the water tank because she didn’t know to swim.

The cops rescued both of them after so many hurdles, that the news channel covered everything. In the end of the episode, the forensic department found a hidden memory card from the deceased manager’s body, she handed it to the chief. The card contains the bribery video of the police superintendent. They caught him and at the same time honoured Lee Kang Hyun’s father as the next Deputy superintendent of police.

Overall the episode stands taller than other episodes. The writing was perfect in this particular episode. There were many interesting elements added in this episode. This must be the best episode of the show. Can’t wait for the next episodes with more interesting cases.

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