Wedding Impossible Episode 7 and Episode 8: Amazon Prime presents “Wedding Impossible” a 12-episode Korean rom-com drama. Na A Jeong is a middle-class girl who works as a junior artist. Lee Ji Han is the grandson of the chairman of LJ Group and the brother of Lee Do Han. When grandfather tells Lee Do Han to marry Yoon Chae Won, Lee Do Han lies that he is in a relationship with Na A Jeong.

Na A Jeong and Lee Do Han were friends for 15 years. To help her friend Na A Jeong agrees to act as wife for 3 years with Lee Do Han. But Lee Ji Han develops a love for her also he opposes his brother marrying another girl, which will ruin his dream of making Lee Do Han the next successor of the LJ group.

Lee Do Han requested Na A Jeong to act as his wife. After some thought Na A Jeong agreed to it. They signed an agreement on the contract for the marriage. Grandfather accepted their marriage even though he wished it was Yoon Chae Won. His acceptance changed Lee Do Han’s plan of escaping the next successor’s responsibility. Lee Ji Han had doubts on Na A Jeong’s relationship with Lee Do Han. Lee Ji Han tried to oppose this relationship as it would break his dreams. Na A Jeong tells her parents about their marriage and accepts it.

Lee Ji Han finds a new plan which is to make Na A Jeong fall in love with him so that she will cancel the marriage with Lee Do Han. Lee Ji Han takes Na A Jeong on a date to Busan. They watch a movie premiere together and stay in a suite that day. They get close emotionally but later Lee Ji Han tries to set Na A Jeong with another so that it saves his time. Na A Jeong gets harassed by the date guy Lee Ji Han given. Lee Ji Han saves her by drinking a full bottle of alcohol.

Lee Ji Han wakes up at Na A Jeong’s home as he was over-drinking last night. Lee Do Han’s boyfriend comes to meet him at his place. He has a grudge against Lee Do Han now as he is marrying. That guy trespassed and broke items at Lee Do Han’s garage. Yoon Chae Won meets Lee Ji Han’s grandfather and proposes that she is interested in marrying Lee Ji Han instead of Lee Do Han.

Yoon Chae Won approved the construction of the mall. Later Grandfather takes Yoon Chae Won and Na A Jeong to Lee Ji Han’s mother’s memorial. The reporter who was the reason for the death of Lee Ji Han’s mother came there and made a scene.

Na A Jeong goes with Lee Ji Han and they have some emotional moments. Later Lee Ji Han went to church to pray for getting Na A Jeong from his head. He tries yoga and other things to forget her. But she was getting worried about him. Lee Do Han and Na A Jeong plan a family meeting. Na A Jeong asks her parents for the gathering. They all come to gather and have dinner with Lee Do Han’s family. After the gathering, Na A Jeong calls Lee Ji Han for a chat. Na A Jeong thanked him for speaking for her at the meeting. Lee Ji Han tells her that he fixed his mind now and accepts the marriage now and walks away.

Till now the episodes are very good. It was very engaging throughout. The duo scenes were funny funny and romantic. The romance between them had just started. We can expect more than emotional romantic scenes in upcoming episodes.

Episode 7 will release on Amazon Prime on March 18 and Episode 8 will release on March 19. The first six episodes are available on Amazon prime with Korean language and English subtitles.


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