The Impossible Heir Episode 11 Recap: Disney Plus presents a career-based revenge thriller drama called ‘ The Impossible Heir’. The story revolves around a wealthy family named Kangoh. The family is on the verge of finding the next successor for the company, where all the heirs are covered in filth, and an illegitimate son steps forward to take the throne with the help of his childhood friend.

The later part of the story deals with hurdles faced by the illegitimate son and his friend during their journey to greater goals.

Episode 11 opens with Han Taeo preventing Kang Inha from killing the chairman at the hospital. They both had arguments outside the hospital. Kang Inha is eager to kill the chairman at all costs but Han Taeo opposes him from doing it. Kang Inha is very much mad at Han Taeo for interfering on his way to becoming the chairman of the company.

Han Taeo explains that he has proof of all the crimes done by Kang Inha. That night, Kang Inha calls to Mo Gijun for an assurance of trust. Mo Gijun confirms that he never betrayed Kang Inha. The prison guard took Mo Gijun alone and stabbed him back to back. Kang Inha bribes the prison guard to kill Mo Gijun.

Meanwhile, Han Taeo and his team are working on their latest plan for Gold H Investment company. Han Taeo introduced the same company to the chairman long before, he told the chairman that, one day the paper company would protect the chairman’s position in the Kangoh group in any worst situation. Han Taeo made a Gold H investment company in an alias named Michael Chang.

Kang Inha, Kang Seongju and his mother want to meet Michael Chang, so they arrange a meeting with him. They all came to one place and were shocked to see each other, suddenly when the door opened, Han Taeo came into the meeting room, he said he was the one representing Gold H investment company in Korea.

The next day, Kang Hee Ju meets with Kang Inju’s wife and tells her to use her shares to support the Kang family. But she completely opposes Kang Hee Ju’s words. Meanwhile, Geum Suk and Kang Seongju are discussing the importance of Gold H Investment on their side during the board meeting. On the other side, Kang Inha explains to Park Sajin that, Gold H Investment is a threat to their plans. The next day, Kang Seongju’s mother, Geum Suk calls Kang Inha for a collaboration meeting.

At their house, Kang Inha meets Han Taeo once again, with an angry face, Kang Inha left the house without attending the meeting. He gathers information about Han Taeo’s family background. Han Taeo’s stepfather is in jail and Kang Inha helps him get out on a parol. He also sends the photo and location of Han Taeo’s mother.

Han Taeo’s stepfather kills his mother on the parol day. Meanwhile, Geum Suk gets arrested for many crimes, which is anonymously reported by Kang Inha. In the end of the episode, Kang Inha conducts a press meet to show everyone that he’s the only person left in the family, who can save the company. Later, Han Taeo gets to know about the death of their mother. He rushes towards the place to see her one last. Han Taeo conducts a funeral service for his mother, Kang Seongju also arrives there to pray for his mother. In the end, Kang Seongju teams up with Han Taeo to destroy Kang Inha’s atrocities.

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The next day, Kang Inha returns to the office to make himself the next chairman of the company, while going upwards through the escalator, it stopped on the floor. There he meets the prosecutors, who come prepared to arrest him for the murder of Kang Inju. The prosecutor arrested Kang Inha and it was witnessed by Han Taeo in a relieved smile.

Overall the eleventh episode is pretty much outstanding. It was outstanding because of the satisfaction it gave due to the complete downfall of Kang Inha. The episode was totally engaging and filled with some unexpected twists. Let’s wait and see how the finale episode goes.



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