Dolores’ dream of a happy life fulfilled or not? Find out in this final episode.

The Horror of Dolores Roach Episode 8:: It starts where the previous episode ended. Jonah died in the fridge room, but Luis was there to save Dolores when she first tried to kill someone. Dolores was angry with him because he actually didn’t lock the fridge room. She requested him to clean up this mess. Right then, Nellie showed up there to meet with Jonah. Luis said he isn’t there, so Nellie left. But suddenly, she heard Jonah’s phone ringing and came back.

Luis said he came there but left again for the office and forgot about the phone. After that, Luis spoke with a police officer who wants to find Marcie because she sells drugs. Dolores takes Luis and requests him to leave this place as soon as possible. But Luis doesn’t want to go because it’s his family’s property. Hearing this, Dolores said she will leave this place alone. But since Luis wants her, he accepts Dolores’ request and tells her that they will leave soon, but he must fix something first.

Dolores can’t take the risk as she doesn’t want to go to jail again, so she tries to hide the money. Suddenly, Joy arrives for a massage. As Dolores knows this is a bad time, she kills Joy too. After that, she goes out from the basement and finds that Ruthie’s team members have arrived to find out about her from Nellie. Next, she realizes that all the dead bodies are missing from the fridge.

Dolores loses her mind and goes to the basement where Luis is taking care of Joy’s body. Dolores becomes angry at him, and at that time, the police show up and take Nellie away. Seeing this, Luis becomes so happy because he believes his plan was successful.

Dolores asks him what he has done. Luis says that Sophia left with perfect timing, so he hung all the bodies in her room’s fire escape. This way, Nellie was framed and taken away by the police. Dolores finds that everything is a total mess. Luis should have stopped her, but he always helped her in clearing everything. Dolores is on her way to leave that room when Jeremiah also arrives to help her as he suspects Luis is causing all the problems. After a conflict, Luis pushes Jeremiah, and he dies.

Soon after, Dolores tries to leave that place, and Luis requests her not to go. They hug each other, but Dolores puts his hand in hot water. A fire starts in the room, and Luis is killed. Dolores somehow manages to leave the place because the police arrive from the other side.

Dolores talks about all these things to Flora. Flora says people think that Dolores died a long time ago, but she is alive and tells her life story. On the other side, Caleb, who is doing the podcast, makes Dolores famous but keeps all the money for himself. Dolores wants that money, so she tries to kill him. At that moment, Caleb says he knows where Dominic is living. Dolores goes to that home with Caleb. After ringing the bell, someone comes out, presumably Dominic. Seeing him, Dolores is so happy and then tries to kill him, but the show ends without showing what happens to that person. This is how the series ends.

With the magic hand of Dolores, she used to kill people. After leaving Luis, she changed her name and moved to another city. But Caleb makes her popular through the podcast. As Dolores is unable to take revenge, which was to kill Dominic, she returns and fulfills her needs.

The Show is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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