The Horror of Dolores Roach Episode 5: Luis is getting huge customers. What’s the secret behind this? To find out, let’s learn the secrets of Episode 5. We are covering the Recap and ending of each episode of the show and here goes the Recap and explanation for Episode 5 of the show.

Luis is attracting a lot of customers because the empanadas he makes are loved by many people. What they don’t know is that his secret recipe is made with human flesh. On the other side, Dolores meets Ruthie and tells her that she is looking for Dominic Arfanso. But upon learning this, Dolores is arrested and sent to jail because Dominic set her up with drugs. Ruthie refuses to work with drug dealers, but after much pleading, she agrees to help Dolores, though she needs two weeks to find Dominic.

Dolores leaves that place but suddenly encounters Jeremiah. She tells him that she has enrolled at Hudson to continue her studies and mentions that she has a vision board she is working on. Jeremiah once again asks her where Dolores is getting the meat from, as his business keeps growing stronger each day. Dolores once again hides the truth, but she suspects that Jeremiah may be doubting her.

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When she returns to the shop, she finds a large number of customers there, including Ruthie. Ruthie informs Dolores about Dominic since her business involves finding people. Ruthie says that Dominic died twelve years ago in the Dominican Republic due to a fire. Upon hearing this, Dolores becomes unhappy as she wanted to kill Dominic. Returning to the shop, she encounters Ruthie again, who wants to buy empanadas for her friend. At that moment, Jonah also arrives, searching for his dad.

Jonah has a poster that catches Ruthie’s curiosity since her job is to find people. Dolores realizes that Ruthie might uncover the truth since she killed Jonah’s dad. Understanding the problem, Dolores goes to talk with Luis, and there she finally discovers another door in Luis’s room where he used to kill people. Two dead bodies are found. Dolores realizes that Luis is a cannibal and feels guilty for killing those people. She knows that she didn’t cut them, but she killed them.

Luis is a strange guy, and Dolores starts to understand this step by step. Dolores tries to overcome this trauma and mentions that a private investigator is working to find Jonah’s dad. Since Ruthie is on her way to find Jonah’s dad, Dolores hopes that she can stop her.

On the other side, Dolores is also trying to find information about Dominic’s family. Luis approaches and apologizes for hiding all the secrets. He also promises that if any problems arise, he will take care of them and not involve Dolores. Later, they start to become intimate as Dolores accepts Luis. Luis mentions that it has always been his dream to love Dolores.

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While Luis and Dolores are sleeping together, Luis suggests that Dominic may not while Luis and Dolores are sleeping together, Luis suggests that Dominic may not be dead. According to Luis, it’s not true that Dominic died in 2007 because three years prior, Dominic’s grandmother received a parcel. Dominic’s grandmother, Shopia, and Nellie’s grandmother were best friends. Luis also reveals that Dominic’s family lived in Sosua. Dolores reads Dominic’s files given by Ruthie once again and notices that the address where Dominic supposedly died is incorrect.

And that’s how this episode ends. Dominic has become a mystery. Let’s see if Dolores can solve this mystery or not.



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