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The Horror of Dolores Roach Episode 2: Recap And Ending Explained – Did Dolores Kill Someone

The Horror of Dolores Roach Episode 2: Did Dolores kill someone? What will happen next? In case you missed this episode, here’s a recap of Episode 2. You can also check Episode 1 of the show for a better connection between the series.

Dolores is living in Luis’s basement. While taking a shower, she encounters another water problem, prompting Luis to call the landlord for assistance. Luis also informs Dolores that Joy is coming to offer her a job. Joy invites Dolores to work at a massage and spa center. Bridget, the manager of the spa, is impressed by Dolores’s work. However, Dolores encounters a girl named “Marcie” at the spa who recognizes her as well.

Marcie talks to Dolores and reveals that she, too, spent a lot of time in jail. Bridget, upon learning this, decides not to hire Dolores. As a result, Dolores leaves the salon and meets Marcie again. Marcie apologizes to Dolores and offers her more money to work with her. Marcie also has no information about Dominic and speculates that he might be in rehab or jail. Dolores contemplates joining Marcie but remains undecided.

Later, she returns to the shop where she is staying, and the shop owner, Nellie, helps her create a vision board to achieve her goals. Luis suggests that she can start her own business in that shop. Soon, Dolores finds her first customer, who comes in for a massage. Dolores serves the customer with great care, and he expresses his relief and gives her extra money. This leads to more and more customers seeking her services. Dolores strives to earn money through her hard work and feels happy to be doing her own business. She also asks Luis to take the money so that he can pay the landlord, but he refuses.

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Inspired by her vision board, Dolores makes progress in her work and eventually buys a new bed for her customers, transforming the basement into a new spa. One day, she encounters Jeremiah, who helps her bring the new bed into her room. Jeremiah reveals that he had become close to Luis’s father and was asked to keep an eye on Luis as his father’s health deteriorated. He mentions that Luis spends all his time making empanadas that taste like Sashimi. Jeremiah also notes that every day, he finds all the food from the shop thrown away in the trash. He warns Dolores that something is not right with Luis’s work. Suddenly, a man arrives to collect rent.

Gideon, a drug addict who accuses Luis of hiring a sex worker to provide customers with massages, confronts Dolores, insinuating that she is involved in illegal activities. Dolores invites Gideon to the basement so she can repay his money. She gives him a small amount and promises to return the rest within a week. Dolores then suggests that Gideon sleep on her new massage bed because she believes he needs a massage.

Gideon, an old man in need of relief, initially angry and argumentative, starts to enjoy Dolores’s massage. As he falls asleep on the bed, he begins to share his thoughts about the dark truths of society and attempts to manipulate Dolores, considering himself from a higher social class.

Enraged by his ideas, Dolores loses control and kills the man. This is how Dolores ends up killing someone. While she is slowly achieving her dreams, she has also taken a life. The reason she shares this story with Flora remains unknown. Let’s find out what exactly happened to Dolores in the next episode.

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