What will happen next with Dolores? Will she cover her sin or not? Let’s have an episode-wise recap of Episode 3. We are covering the Episode Wise recap and here is a recap and Explanation of Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the show.

Dolores is talking with Flora because she made some mistakes on stage. Dolores tells Flora that the way she snapped someone’s neck on stage looked like a toy. She also mentions that killing someone is hard work. Dolores describes how she killed Gideon in her small basement. After a lot of struggle, she finally killed him on her new spa table. However, Dolores realizes that she made a huge mistake and begins to think about what to do with the dead body.

Frustrated, she leaves her room and tells Luis not to go to the basement. She goes to the supermarket and buys a garbage bag, a cutter, and some acid because she is confused about whether to dismember the body or let it decompose. While at the supermarket, she sees CCTV cameras and takes lots of balloons to hide from them. When she returns to her room, she finds the dead body missing. The only thing she finds is a letter that says, “I’m taking care of it, thank you, Mami.” It’s most likely from Luis, as he calls her “Mami.” Dolores is unable to understand what is happening to her.

She constantly tells herself in front of the mirror that she isn’t a bad person. Exhausted, she falls asleep on her new bed. The next day, when she wakes up and goes to meet Luis, she finds everything strange. She sees Nellie selling food empanadas as free samples and suspects that these empanadas may be made from Gideon’s body.

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She also notices that something is different about Luis. Joy also comes into the shop to eat something, and soon, lots of people start coming to Luis’s shop as they love their food and snacks. Dolores believes that whatever she has done is wrong and that God will not accept her. Gradually, she starts to recover from the trauma and massages Joy.

However, she feels guilty inside because she knows that something wrong is happening there. On the other side, Luis is also extremely happy because their business is finally going smoothly after a long time. Jeremiah may have talked about this and warned Dolores. Dolores asks Luis why he used human flesh in the empanadas, but Luis doesn’t care about it because people love to eat human flesh, which is why their marketing is increasing. Luis also tells Dolores that he took care of Gideon’s body after she left the room. In this horrific situation, Luis proposes to Dolores. Dolores takes a joint and still misses Dominic.

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Later, Dolores gets busy with her work again, and Luis’s business continues to go smoothly, as their empanadas are not available worldwide. Their secret recipe has become incredibly famous. Dolores thinks that all of her problems have been solved, and Luis gives her a gift. When Dolores opens it, she finds a fake certificate for a “Massage Therapist.” Soon, Jonah, Gideon’s son, comes into their shop to find his dad. Jonah is from the Pearlman Group of property. And that’s how this episode ends.

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