The Horror of Dolores Roach Episode 1: Prime Video presents the dark comedy horror series “The Horror of Dolores Roach,” which is currently streaming with eight episodes. It’s available in Hindi and English languages along with subtitles.

Before diving into the episode-wise recap, let’s have a brief overview of the series. The show revolves around Dolores Roach, who was framed by her boyfriend and sentenced to 16 years in prison. Upon her return to Washington Heights, she discovers that the city has undergone significant changes. She reunites with her old friend Luis and starts killing people, using their flesh in empanadas that she feeds to others.

At the premiere of the “Dolores Roach” drama at the Britannia Theatre, everyone applauds actress Flora for her outstanding performance. Flora is also pleased to portray a serial killer and cannibal. However, her makeup artist leaves her before she goes to a party. As Flora finds herself alone in her makeup room, the real Dolores suddenly appears. Dissatisfied with Flora Frias, Dolores begins to tell her the true story, hoping that Flora can help her turn the false narrative into reality.

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In 2003, Dolores was an ordinary girl living in Washington Heights. Her boyfriend Dominic was a drug dealer, and they were saving money for their future. Dolores was willing to do anything for Dominic. One day, Dominic informed her that a drug dealer would come to buy a large quantity of drugs. He instructed her not to come out and opened the door, only to be surprised by a police raid. Dominic managed to disappear somehow. Dolores made every effort to contact him, but her phone failed to connect. She spent sixteen years in jail, with no communication from her boyfriend.

After her release in 2019, she boarded a train and noticed that New York City had completely changed. Having lost her parents at a young age, she had no one to turn to. Finally, she arrived in Washington Heights, only to find her home completely transformed. In her room, she discovered a new family member, Claire. Dolores asked them to use the bathroom, where she had hidden her money but found nothing. She finally realized that Dominic had betrayed her.

Leaving the house, she encountered a man on the road who had no knowledge of her past or Dominic’s identity. Dolores understood that the city had changed significantly since she had been gone. However, she eventually found “Empanada Loca,” a shop she knew. There, she reunited with Luis, who recognized her. She indulged in her favorite food, and Luis mentioned that he hadn’t seen Dominic since her imprisonment. Dolores went to the basement where Luis lived, and they consumed drugs together. However, Luis experienced a panic attack and became angry with his landlord.

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Dolores comforted him by giving him a massage. Luis, feeling better after the massage, asked where she had learned it. Dolores explained that she had massaged many prisoners in jail, to which Luis dubbed her the “Magic Hand of Dolores.” Luis invited her to stay in his room without any problems. As she settled in, she remembered that Luis had mentioned his father’s death in that room. She also recalled her friend Tabitha, with whom she had spent 16 years in jail, and memories of Dominic.

Dolores concluded her story as Flora’s colleague asked her to join the party. Meanwhile, Dolores locked her room, indicating that she had only just begun her story. Let’s see what happens next.



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