Jeremiah must find out something that is dangerous for Dolores and Luis. Let’s recap this episode.

The Horror of Dolores Roach Episode 7: Dolores and Luis discuss leaving the place, and suddenly they see Jeremiah. They have to avoid him because he knows everything. Nellie and Jonah are dating each other. Dolores and Luis request sponsorship, and Luis is ready to provide the money, although the amount is small. Luis is waiting for his dad to give him all the money. Dolores seals the deal. Once Luis receives the money, he plans to go to Colorado with Dolores.

They both want a new life. Luis has already created a license under the name “Felicia” for Dolores, and he will go by the name “Hector Pector.” Luis understands Dolores and loves her. Suddenly, a problem arises as Sophia discovers blood coming from her pipe. The blood is coming from the basement and the room where Luis used to dismember people. Luis tells Sophia that he will fix this problem. Caleb is also there, complaining that he found blood in his pipe as well.

Dolores is afraid that people may discover their secrets. Later, she goes to the hospital with Sophia. Sophia accepts Dolores and talks about her grandson. Sophia reveals that her grandson and his Australian girlfriend have been in touch with her. Dolores wonders why Dominic became friends with a white girl and then remembers Georgie, who became quite popular and attends the same college Dolores wanted to join. Dolores tries to seek help from Georgie but realizes that Georgie is avoiding her.

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Georgie mentions that she stopped talking to Dominic after Dolores’s father died, which was a long time ago. Dolores leaves the conversation with Georgie and goes to the basement. She discovers Luis cleaning the room to remove the blood. Luis asks her where she went after meeting Sophia. Dolores mentions Georgie, who introduced her to Dominic. But Dolores promises Luis that she will stop talking about Dominic and will love him deeply. Dolores also acknowledges that Luis did everything to help her and tries to be intimate with him. However, when Dolores opens Luis’s pants, she finds something very strange.

Later, Luis reveals an accident he had that never healed. When he was 12 years old, a woman liked him, but their relationship ended. That woman was his dad’s girlfriend. Upon learning this, Luis’s dad left that girl. Emotionally overwhelmed, Luis tried to cut himself but couldn’t do it, so he poured a ladle of hot oil from the fryer onto his private parts. Luis starts crying like a baby boy.

Dolores accepts Luis. The next day, when she wakes up, she finds Jonah in the kitchen, where Luis kept all the dead bodies in the fridge. Dolores sees everything is okay and goes outside. But when she returns, she finds Jonah inside the fridge. To stop everything, Dolores kills Jonah as well. And that’s how this episode ends. Will everyone find out about them? Let’s see in the final episode.

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