Adhura Episode 3 Amazon Prime Video: Episode 3 starts in the classroom, where a boy named Dhruv is making fun of Vedant. Suddenly, Dhruv attacks himself, and it is revealed that Vedant made him do this. Adi, also known as Adhiraj, starts looking for Ninad again. When he searches the computer, he finds nothing. He asks Supriya to help him find Ninad, and she agrees to help.

Rajat starts looking for Suyash and knocks on his door, but there is no response. Adhiraj and Supriya search for old files in the archive room to find Ninad’s address. Adhiraj finally manages to find the file of Ninad, and they get his address (Kotagiri).

Back on the school campus, Malvika is attacked by some unknown ghost-like thing. Adi finds a letter in Ninad’s file where it is mentioned that Ninad left one day before the last day of function due to a medical emergency at his house. Coach Vyas took custody of him locally. Adi tells the same thing to Malvika.

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Upon reaching Ninad’s grandmother’s house, Adi learns that Ninad has been missing for the last 15 years. Adi comes out of Ninad’s house, and there we get to see a shocking flashback. The story jumps back to the last day of the 2007 school year when Ninad and Adhiraj were enjoying their last day, and Malvika was planning a surprise for Adhiraj. In the midst of these things, Ninad tries to kiss Adhiraj, which makes Adhiraj furious. He is shocked to see this side of Ninad and says that he always looked at him as just a best friend. Adhiraj and Ninad have a very bad fight and cut off their friendship.

The story jumps back to the present, where we see the inauguration of a statue happening. A statue of Dev Vyas is being established on the school campus, and Dev is doing the inauguration. Everything is going normally, and then suddenly, everyone sees Suyash on top of the clock tower with a rope tied around his neck. He jumps from the tower and dies by hanging in front of everyone, leaving them in deep shock.

Adhiraj meets Vedant again, and this time Vedant says, “Adu, I am fighting back.” The voice is that of Ninad, and upon hearing it, Adhiraj faints on the floor. The episode ends here.

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Episode 3 was shocking, and the story is now taking great twists and turns. It will be interesting to see what happens to Adhiraj, as he is also likely to be the target of Vedant, aka Ninad, for sure.



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