Since The Red Moon Appeared Episode 6: “Since The Red Moon Appeared,” all previous episodes’ recaps are out on our site; do check it out. There is more to see about this show. For detailed recaps, visit previous articles. Here we are back with another recap of “Since The Red Moon Appeared,” an ongoing anime adventure action thriller Japanese show.

Episode 6 starts with Lu seeing a burning place in front of his eyes. He was seeing Seventeen also in that, but all of a sudden, he woke up and realized it was a dream. He wakes up on a call, and they say congratulations to Lu for completing the mission.

Lu reaches headquarters. On the call, they were saying to Lu he will get an increment in his salary, which will be very high. Lu meets the commander inside the room. On the earpiece, Lu came to know that the DNA was matched with another person. This means it wasn’t Cui Wang. Lu has to solve more problems.

Commander received a call from her team in which they say, “Lu must not join the Special Operations Team.” He brings risks. After the preliminary investigation, they came to know the risk of surviving was 80%. The commander tells Lu there can be serious consequences of this issue.

The commander wanted a serious explanation from Lu. Lu said this was happening because of his sister Seventeen. Commander said let’s start with those three people who are not infected from pollution. Lu was going back as the commander said him to go back. The commander called someone, and they also said it was the commander’s decision to recruit him in the team. Lu reaches some place; he meets Uncle Zhong, who was running away from a girl. She was laughing at him. When uncle caught him, he stopped and met that girl.

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Both of them were old friends, and they were refreshing their memories. On the other side, the commander came to know something extraordinary about Lu Xin. There is something present in his body.

Lu’s parents were again fighting. His father was so angry with his mother. Seventeen also came. Lu gets back home; he said he bought a bottle of wine for them, and his father stopped. Lu also got earrings for his mother and a whale toy for Seventeen.

Someone suddenly attacked Lu from far. It was some agent who Commander Chen already knew, and she might be the one who sent her to Lu. They got involved in a fight. The new agent was very quick and sharp. Lu and that agent were fighting outside Lu’s house.

Lu said, “You’re in danger.” Something strange happened which wasn’t shown, and it is shocking because the agent reacted shockingly to it. And the episode 6 ends.

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