Since The Red Moon Appeared Episode 2: “The Red Moon is a recently streamed ongoing anime fantasy mystery series that is streaming with 2 episodes in original audio along with ESubs and english subtitles. We’ve already posted a recap of the 1st episode. Do check out on our site.

The 1st episode ends at a cliffhanger where one girl appears and tells Lu to get inside the car. In the beginning of Episode 2, we see that someone was narrating that because of the effect of the red moon, many people turned into monsters. That was the same girl who picked up Lu, and she was telling that the coffee shop owner you defeated infected many people with coffee.

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The Special Operations Teams are also fighting with those monsters. She said after a long time she met a person who’s not infected. They call this phenomenon a mental pollution.

She also told Lu that his actions were under control by them. They were tracking his every activity. She offered him so much money but demanded his help. She also said to him that he passed the test; he’s not infected.

She said to Lu to join them. They will give him more money, and they will try their best to satisfy his every demand. He said the abilities he has are because of his sister. He started telling about his family. She asked him if he can control his family, and Lu said yes.

After getting money, his sister was very happy. Lu said to his sister that she can buy anything she wants. She went to a soft toy store and took many toys. Both of them go back home. His sister started getting angry with him. Lu’s father and mother were fighting like monsters. His sister’s name is Shi Qi. Next, Lu Xin goes to the office, and the director fired him. And he was leaving the office.

Shi Qi says they will teach the boss a lesson. Lu called someone, and the boss started behaving good with him. The boss also said the chairman appointed Lu a big project. His issue got solved because of that girl whom he recently joined.

She also gives intel that some 7-8 murder cases are going on, which are related to Sifang Transportation Company. She said they suspect that they also do mental pollution. Because of the office, Lu got the project, and he will work on it. One more character was shown in the end with big hair; he fires a gunshot on a woman, and Episode 2 ends.”

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