“Since the red moon appeared” is an ongoing Japanese Adventure Action thriller Monster Anime show currently available with 6 episodes, with an approximate runtime of 20-25 minutes per episode. We have already posted a recap of the previous episode, and we will post a recap of each and every episode. Before reading the recap of episode 4, do check out episode 3.

Episode 4 starts with the red moon appearing in the sky. That long-haired guy was behaving very crazily. Something unusual happened with them; they were searching for Qin Ran in that area. Suddenly, robots got stuck in the middle part. The long-haired guy was having flashbacks, behaving psychotically. On the other side, robots and Lu Xin were finding out what exactly happened in the area, what kind of pollution it was.

The investigation goes further. Lu got a new earpiece to know more about the investigation; he will get details from that only. The officials were seeing Lu from cameras, and they were coordinating with each other.

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Lu was telling that he would work very hard. They again go inside to see more things. He goes near satellite number 4; that place was abandoned. It looked very horrible. Lu started dancing and saying he found the pollution source, but suddenly someone attacked them.

The fight started between the monsters and Lu’s team. His team members weren’t able to fight those monsters; Lu was the leader, and he had to manage everything. In fact, they didn’t even know what exactly was happening with them. The monsters were behind the team; they were attacking from the backside.

The pollution was at an intermediate level. In those conditions, it would be hard to survive. They were trapped by monsters. They sent a standby team for Lu’s help. Lu got evolved, and he started fighting with them, beating the monsters.

He saved everyone. More monsters were rising; Lu had to fight with everyone. Lu was alone, fighting with everyone. Suddenly, monsters attacked him in a group, but his sister helped him. Lu’s team was researching pollution.

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Lu got saved because of his sister. The mental pollution was about to increase to an extreme level, but Lu was trying to break that machine. The spirit level exceeded 300. The machine was still there, and episode 4 ends.


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