Since The Red Moon Appeared Episode 1: The Red Moon is a recently released fantasy anime series which is currently available with 2 episodes only along with E Subs aka English Subtitles. We’re going to give you a recap of all episodes and a release date update of upcoming episodes too. Now, let’s begin with Episode 1 Recap.

Episode 1 starts with a flashback of 35 years ago in which the mood suddenly becomes red in color. Because of that, 70% of humans disappeared. After that, a recap intro of the show appears, which is really amazing. The graphics were outstanding, and the background music was too good.

After the intro, the episode starts. We see a metro train station, and a guy gets off from the metro. He was the inspector. He reached a subway station, and there was one more character in the show. He was talking to his sister on the road. His sister has some superpowers because of that she can disappear anytime. She wanted a soft toy, but her brother said he doesn’t have any money, so he can’t afford it. She started irritating her brother with her powers, and her brother got her a teddy bear.

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He goes into a beautiful store in Qinggang City. Someone was behind that man, and they were tracking him. He goes to the station and sits alone in the train. Something unusual happened to him in the store. He was getting visuals of that coffee shop. The sales girl was looking too horrifying. Something creepy was there in the coffee. His sister gives him superpowers for some time so that he can fight with those visuals.

They weren’t visuals; it was happening for real. After humans disappeared, the remaining became the monsters. His sister is one of them because of that she’s having those powers.

The guy was fighting with monsters, and the next train was about to come. He thought no more people should involve in this because of that he finished his fight with the monster.

His sister was helping him a lot in the fight, and they did it. They were going back home. The name of the leading guy was Mr. Lu. The people who were tracking him, from those, one girl comes and tells him to get in the car, and the Episode 1 ends.

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