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Solo Leveling Episode 4 Recap, Summary and Explained

Solo Leveling Episode 4: Solo Leveling is an ongoing Japanese thriller adventure action anime show that is streaming with 4 episodes now. Solo Leveling has really broken many records. We have already posted recaps of all previous episodes; do check it out. There is so much to see in this show. Next, here we’re back with the recap of episode 4.

Episode 4 starts at the same point where episode 3 ended. Our main guy is fighting with the wolf. He unlocked so many powers; he was fighting with that wolf. Jinwoo was shocked to see so many powers in his body. He unlocked a sword from his inventory and killed that wolf. Jinwoo was again fighting with more wolves. After that, 2 wolves came, and he killed one of them. One got scared and ran away. Jinwoo sees his level increase to 2.

Jinwoo was getting more gold in his account. Jinwoo lifts the sword. When he went inside the cave, he saw an army of wolves. There were so many lyca wolves, and he started killing all of them. He said, “Let’s get more intense,” and there was so much bloodshed. Jinwoo was feeling stronger.

Jinwoo killed all the wolves. After that, he goes deeper. Julie received a call from the Hunter’s Association, and they said there is a shortage of healers. But Julie didn’t know Jinwoo is stronger now. Jinwoo was going on his own.

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He could feel the monsters. After going inside, suddenly his sword broke, and he saw a giant blue venom snake. Jinwoo thought it might be the boss of that place. Jinwoo decided to fight with the snake. Jinwoo was trying very hard to save himself because the snake was very powerful, and a lot of weight got on Jinwoo. The snake attacked Jinwoo, and he remembered Song’s words which he used to motivate Jinwoo. Jinwoo was struggling in front of the snake.

Jinwoo started fighting with that snake again. He tried to climb that snake, and Jinwoo unlocked more powers. He was about to chop that Kasaka with his sword. Jinwoo said, “I can kill you.”

Jinwoo finally defeated that venom; he got one more notification from that TV. After that, Jinwoo was teleported to a metro station. He met an army officer, and Jinwoo’s ability increased more. Jinwoo reached a new town, and he saw everyone is fighting with a new enemy. Julie was also present there, but she was shaking and not able to use healing powers.

And Jinwoo started using his ability to defeat that monster who was very big. Everyone was shocked to know who did it, which Hunter actually killed that monster. They were searching for them. Jinwoo said that he wasn’t the guy who killed that golem; the golem might be weak.

He wasn’t flexing his powers in front of everyone, and Jinwoo left, and episode 4 ended.


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