Marry My Husband Episode 1 Recap, Summary and Explained

Marry My Husband Episode 1 Recap, Summary and Explained

Marry My Husband Episode 1 Recap: “Marry My Husband” is an ongoing Korean Drama series that is streaming on Prime Video. We are here with the Episode recap of the show, and here goes the summary and ending explanation of Episode 1.

The show is based on the novel of the same name. The story starts in a hospital where we get to see that Kang Ji Won is in the hospital, and she is being treated for cancer. Meanwhile, she gets to know that her husband is cheating on her.

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The story then goes to a flashback where we get to see how Kang Ji Won got married to her husband, and there was so much love between her husband and her mother-in-law. Later on, we get to see how everyone never took her cancer seriously, and everyone thought that she is making excuses.

Here we get introduced to another character of the show named ‘Jung Su Min.’ Jung is the best friend of Kang, and they both work in the same company, sharing a great bond together. In all between these, Kang was asked to pay the hospital bills, and she calls her husband, but he didn’t answer her calls.

She takes a cab and goes to her house, where she was shocked to see that her husband and her best friend are having an affair. She was shocked and saddened. When her husband saw this, he pushed her on the table, and Kang falls on the table.

The scene shifts, and here we get to see that Kang Ji Won was having a flashback, and everything that she saw was not real. She was then asked by her boss to help with some tasks, and then she realizes that she is now 10 years back. When Kang reaches home, she gets to see that it’s 2013 on the calendar, and now she decides that she will fix her future life. She goes to dinner with her boyfriend (future husband) and then breaks up with him so that she doesn’t have to face any heartbreak in the future.

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In the next frame, we get to see that Kang Ji Won goes to lunch with her boss, and there she starts liking him. Kang Ji Won then invests a huge sum of money in a stock, which she knows is going to score big in the upcoming days. The scene now shifts to a meeting room where we get to see that Jung and her boyfriend were sitting together, and there she tells Jung that ‘Marry My Husband,’ and Episode 1 ends here.

As of now, the show is full of twists and turns, and I am pretty sure that Kang will make some mistakes while changing her future. We will keep you updated with the recap and summary of episodes.


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