“Since The Red Moon Appeared” Episode 3: “Since the Red Moon Appeared” is an ongoing fantasy action-adventure animated Japanese show currently available in Japanese with English subtitles. This show isn’t available in India as of now. We will notify you once it is available for everyone. We have already posted a recap of the previous 2 episodes and will post a recap of all episodes.

Now let’s move towards episode 3.

Episode 3 starts with someone engaging in illegal smuggling. Lu Xin was assigned the task of investigating that company. Shi Qi wanted all the information about the company. After that, we can see the guy who was shown in the climax of episode 2. Intel tells us that he’s very dangerous.

Xiao Lu was assigned as the supervisor. He was sitting in the car, and someone was telling them about that smuggling when suddenly those bikers arrived at that place. The guy who was trying to convey information to him was asking for a chance from Xiao Lu.

His sister started behaving mischievously again. Xiao Lu gets out of the car and starts talking to those bikers. Then, the guy who joined Xiao Lu started talking. He said he’s a salesperson and wants to discuss something about business.

Xiao Lu was trying to find something at that place. He was searching for monster activity, and suddenly, he hears that his staff is getting beaten by that long-haired guy who’s very dangerous. Xiao Lu took out the gun to save his staff. Someone tried to attack him; he counterattacked.

Xiao Lu said to that long-haired guy that he wants to talk about business. Suddenly, the long-haired guy’s brother came, and he took over control. Xiao Lu was going with him to talk further. Lu said he is just there to talk.

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The guy attacked Lu. He was asking about who sent him to that place. Suddenly, he tried to fire on him, but luckily, Lu got saved because of his sister. The guy said to Lu that he will tell everything. He started telling him that there is one more guy involved in this business with him. His name is “Cui Wang.” He is a greedy guy who did many things behind his partner. He was so greedy that he tried to attack him many times.

Once upon a time, Cui Wang’s lover came to attack him, and she was there to kill him. Wang Ting and other partners came. From that day, that guy wasn’t able to sleep. The whole gang beat them up, and he locked them into a separate container. Xiao Lu went inside, and he saw that everyone is dead inside that container. Lu started telling his seniors that eight debt collectors came to kill that guy. Lu got the order to bring Qin Ran, and they left.

They were discussing in the car what kind of mental monster Cui Wang can be. Lu was supervising everything perfectly. Lu goes near a sea, his robots started searching that place. Shi Qi, Lu’s sister, was also there with him to investigate. Lu said he found something near the pool. The meters found something; they started buzzing.

There was something inside the lake. After that, we can see the red moon, and in the down, robots and Lu were investigating the downstream. Something unusual happened; the long-haired guy went crazy, and Episode 3 ended.

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