“Shogun” Episode 3 Release Date: FX original presents the Historical War Drama series ” Shogun” is currently streaming now in Hulu & Disney+ Hotstar with only two episodes. A thriller journey we have seen in two episodes but it ended up in a crucial point. People are getting curious to know when the rest episodes will come.

So in this article, we are gonna discuss when the next episode of ” Shogun” will be released. Before we start our discussion let’s have a quick recap of the story of the series. The series is about Japan in 1600 where Yoshii Toranaga fights with his enemy who wants to see his defeat.

The series starts with John Blackthrone who is an English sailor who reached into Japan along with his crew. But, the Japanese armies caught them & unable to understand their language. we see that in Japan there are lots of Portuguese Catholics people who hate Blackthrone. He meets with Yabushige who has taken his ship, cannon etc.

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On the other side we see that Yoshii Toranaga reached into Taiko where he met his rival Lord Ishio. Ishio accused him of kidnapping Lady Ochiba. Ishio announced the impeachment of Toranaga & signed a paper of the Council of Regents.

Toranaga got the information about A Barbarian who is Blackthrone. He ordered to bring him into Taiko & he also invited Lady Mariko to translate him. Lady Mariko translates the words of Blackthrone as John says a real danger is coming. Because Portuguese & Spain divided the world into two regions & Japan fell into the Portuguese region. So, the Portuguese king wants to change Japan into a catholic country & rule it. They also secretly give training to the Ronin in a secret base in Macao.

All this news is shocking. General Toranaga became more curious. He is in the foreign relations department. He knows that his civil war with Ishio is crucial but if these Portuguese come into their country it will be more destructive.

At the end of episode 2, we saw that, Toranaga allowed Blackthrone to live in his house & soon a female assassin attacked his house. Luckily Toranaga & John killed her. But it’s proved that she is came here to attack on Blackthrone. Toranaga believes it’s not the work of Ishio infact there is someone more powerful rival than him staying in this country.

That’s how the two episodes started. We saw a brilliant drama & action. But we have to wait more to see what will gonna happen next. The next episode of ” Shogun ” will be released next Tuesday 5th March in Hulu( Outside India)& 6th March on Hotstar ( In India).

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So basically outside India, it will come on Tuesday so the next episode will be released on 5th March on Hulu. In India, you have to wait one more day which is 6th March to see it in Disney+Hotstar.

Two episodes of ” Shogun” is currently streaming now in Hulu & Disney+ Hotstar in English language along with subtitles.



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