Reina Roja (Red Queen) Episode 1: Prime Video presents a seven-episodic mystery detective thriller Spanish series “Red Queen” also known as “Reina Roja”. The series is about a girl Antonia Scott who has the highest IQ is called by the police for investigating unsolved cases.

She is traumatized by the past she had. While solving the cases for the Red Queen Organization, she also gets delusions of ghosts that coming to kill her. Jon Gutierrez a funny police officer also joins with her and tries to solve cases as a team.

The episode started with Antonia Scott standing at the window of her apartment. She is trying to jump from the building but something on her not allowing her to jump. Jon Gutierrez well dressed guy comes to her apartment. Jon Gutierrez and Antonia Scott have some arguments inside her apartment. Jon Gutierrez says he knows everything about her, that she owns the entire block of the building and the tenants give her food. He also adds she does not care about her looks much. After the talk, he goes out.

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Apparently, Jon Gutierrez is a cop. A flashback 2 days ago comes where he meets a girl at a restaurant. She looked beaten up by a bad guy. Jon Gutierrez leaves her at her home and tells her to stay low untill he gets locked up. Jon Gutierrez to the police station, but everyone was staring at him. Police arrest him there and get him to the investigation room. The officer was arrested for putting 200gm of heroin in a boy’s car and the video was recorded and given by Desi and her boyfriend to the police.

A guy comes to the interrogation room and introduces him as the mentor. He gives a task to Jon Gutierrez, Jon Gutierrez tells him that if he needs the job to be done he needs his badge, gun back and his record to be cleared. The mentor handed him the badge and said he would do the rest if he accepted the task. Mentor is part of an organisation named Red Queen. He asks to convince Antonia Scott to work on a case with them. The mentor says Antonia Scott has the highest IQ so she is very valuable in solving the case.

Cut to a company where the daughter shows her millionaire father his next future project to save the company, but he is not interested in it. Cut to the present day, Antonia Scott comes with Jon Gutierrez to go to the place for investigation. She finds the right before asking, and the right place by guessing. She tells them to drive her to Laura Trueba’s house and tells her she is the victim. Apparently, Laura Trueba is a well-known banker.

When they reached the home, the mentor guy was there. Some incidents happened inside that house. Jon Gutierrez asks what happened there but the mentor says see with your own eyes. The forensics and police are searching all around the house. Antonia Scott getting delusions from her traumatic experiences. She is getting out of control and the mentor rushes to her and gives her a pill and cools her down.

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They visit the murder scene together, Laura’s son got murdered in a brutal and weird unexplainable way. His head was half cut and blood had gone out of him. Antonia Scott says the killer drained out his blood very slowly which is very painful death.

Cut to the other side Carla is going in a car, she is calling her son and chatting. It’s very dark outside, they lost their way in the woods. The location kept changing and suddenly they stopped at a point. The driver went out and saw a guy he thought he was a guard.

But that guy cut the driver’s throat. Carla was shocked seeing it, she started screaming and honking the car. The killer came near the car and broke the glass. Carla injured him with the glass and ran away. But the killer reaches for her and injects something into her forcefully.

Overall the episode was really good. As a pilot episode, it was really good. The character of Antonia Scott is very unique and interesting. She makes us remember the Sherlock character who can decode things from what they see.

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