Reina Roja (The Red Queen) Episode 3: Prime Video presents yet another crime investigation thriller series “Reina Roja” also known as “Red Queen” in seven episodes. The series is an adaptation of a novel series named “The Red Queen”. The story revolves around Antonia Scott an intelligent girl who has the highest IQ and is traumatized by her old tragic pasts and Jon Gutierrez a police officer who is rude but funny.

They both join hands and work for secret government organisations to solve the cases that the police can’t solve. Even while the cases are happening Antonia Scott gets delusions of ghosts and other attacking things.

The episode opens with a flashback of Antonia Scott in an interview with two guys. They are testing Antonia Scott’s intelligence. They ask a question that was asked by Antonia Scott to Jon Gutierrez when they met first. And Antonia Scott answers it very well and impresses them. Cut to the locked room, Carla and Sandra are talking to each other about what will happen to them.

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They are both terrified and they don’t know why they are being tortured like this. Carla asked more questions about how Sandra got here. Sandra says she was a taxi driver and delivered a package which was risky but when offered lot of money she did it and now she is here.

Jon Gutierrez and Antonia Scott came to ask questions to Laura about her son’s death. Apparently, she is very busy and allowed only 15 minutes for them to ask meeting. Jon Gutierrez says it’s her son who is dead and she is not giving more time for it, but the secretary is not willing to give anything more as it is the order. They met Laura, Laura says Ezequiel called her once but the demand was impossible for her to fulfil. Antonia Scott has delusions at the time, she is seeing chimpanzees and other things.

When Laura says they can’t find the victims alive Antonia Scott says they will find them takes the pills and runs away from there. Laura tells one thing to Jon Gutierrez that Ezequiel said, which is that children shouldn’t pay for the sins of their parents. Antonia Scott getting too many delusions while she is outside. Jon Gutierrez finds her lying on the ground unconscious, he gives her a pill to regain her consciousness. Jon Gutierrez buys her food and tells her that he called Ramon but he didn’t give any information.

A flashback of Antonia Scott comes where she is inside the lab with wires attached on her. Electric signals were passed on to her and she was saying some number. Apparently, she doesn’t sleep for days. They are trying to boost her ability to its maximum. Cut to the present, Antonia Scott and Jon Gutierrez follow Laura’s secretary Antonia Scott feels her secretary knows more things but the security saw them and they flee from the spot. Ezequiel is again physically harassing Sandra.

Jon Gutierrez gets back to his home and has dinner with a priest. He gets some thoughts about the killer and he comes out to meet Antonia Scott. They meet at the hospital. They share the confusion about the motive of Ezequiel. Antonia Scott tells Ezequiel is hurting the children for the sins of their parents. And he needs a public statement for the bad thing they did which has value more than their kids.

They analysed the photo of Ezequiel’s hand from the car footage and got to know he is almost 50 years old. They get a call from the mentor and get a warning about following Laura’s secretary. Next, we see a flashback of doing experiment on Antonia Scott. They try to meet Ramon but the security does not allow them to enter. Antonia Scott somehow got upper and saw Ramon, she asked about what Ezequiel said.

He didn’t give any answer and closed the door. At the end of the episode, Antonia Scott gets to a taxi, while going suddenly the driver injects her. Apparently, the driver is Ezequiel. Antonia Scott sits at the back of the taxi unable to move while Ezequiel driving the car.

Overall the episode was a very good one. Especially the ending was thrilling which made us hooked to wait for the next episode. Antonia Scott and Ezequiel meet soon and her getting kidnapped is unexpected. The next episode will be a thrilling one.



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