Jon Gutierrez’ In “Reina Roja” Character Explained: Prime Video released their Spanish crime investigation thriller series “Red Queen” in seven episodes. The story tells about Antonia Scott an intelligent girl and Jon Gutierrez a local cop join hands with a secret government organisation “Red Queen” to solve cases that normal police couldn’t solve.

As they team up some unexpected kidnapping happens which includes Antonia Scott’s kid too. Antonia Scott uses her ability to solve these crimes while fighting with her traumatic hallucinations which are caused by her tragic pasts.

Jon Gutierrez’s character is portrayed by well-known Spanish actor and sportsman Hovik Keuchkerian. He is a boxer and two-time Spanish heavyweight champion. Apart from that, he did many popular television shows in his career. The most popular Spanish thriller heist show, Money Heist also have Hovik Keuchkerian’s presence on the cast.

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He did a few more notable television shows like Snatch, The Head, Antidisturbios and The Night Manager. He also did a few popular movies such as Un Amor, toro and Revolution. Hovik Keuchkerian did an excellent job as a cunning detective and loyal subordinate to the main character.

Jon Gutierrez is a dedicated police officer who works hard in his job. Jon Gutierrez live with his mother. He is committed to his police job. He tries to help people even if it risks his job. He helps a girl Desi by seeing her situation but she backstabbed him by showing the CCTV footage of him putting drugs into a car. It was for helping the girl to get rid of the guy who tortured her, but it got Jon Gutierrez arrested.

Jon Gutierrez looks after his mother very well, he loves her very much. Even though he is very efficient in his work, he looks tired at times. When he got arrested, he got a choice to join the Red Queen organisation by making Antonia Scott join them. He accepted the task and finished it very well. After joining the Red Queen organisation Jon Gutierrez and Antonia Scott started investigating cases as a team.

Jon Gutierrez talks in a sarcastic and funny way most time. It’s his nature to talk like that but it makes him look rude for others. Jon Gutierrez got a good bond with Antonia Scott while working with her. Jon Gutierrez understands Antonia Scott more than others. When Antonia Scott’s father asked about Antonia Scott’s location Jon Gutierrez didn’t reveal it and also he told him that he doesn’t understand his daughter like Jon Gutierrez does. Jon Gutierrez respects Antonia Scott’s thoughts and intuitions.

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When Antonia Scott got arrested by the police after her kid’s abduction, Jon Gutierrez crashed his car on their car to make Antonia Scott escape. That accident got him arrested. More than a work relationship, Jon Gutierrez has an affection on Antonia Scott. Jon Gutierrez cares for Antonia Scott most of the time. He keeps her pill with him and gives her when she gets out of control.

That’s all about the character of Jon Gutierrez. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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