‘Antonia Scott’ In “Reina Roja” Character Explained: Amazon Prime presents “Red Queen” a seven episodic Spanish crime thriller series created by Amaya Muruzabal, adapted from the novel series named “The Red Queen”. A murder and a kidnapping happens in a wealthy family and the government uses their secret organisation “Red Queen” which is an organisation that has the best-selected officers to solve the tough cases.

Antonia Scott an intelligent girl got added to the team to solve the mystery case with Jon Gutierrez a local cop.

Antonia Scott character is portrayed by famous spanish actress Vicky Luengo. She is an excellent artist, got very much popular in recent times. She did a few roles in notable television shows like Secretos de Estado, Madres Amor y Vida, Antidisturbios and Stories to Stay Awake. She also did many roles in theatrical movies like The Replacement, Chavalas, The Occupant and Children of the sun. Vicky Luengo’s exceptional performance in this show as Antonia Scott took the show into the next level. Her performance in this show is underrated.

Antonia Scott is an intelligent girl at the age of 34. She has an IQ of 242, which makes her the most intelligent human on the world. She is the daughter of the British Ambassador, she has husband Marcos who is in hospital after an incident happened in their life. She has a son Jorge who studies in St. Barbara British School. She lives alone and looks after her husband most time.

Her father doesn’t like her, he not even seen her for 3 years. Antonia Scott’s father still believes she is nuts and she doesn’t know reality. He doesn’t believe whatever she says. After Antonia Scott’s son Jorge got abducted her father thought she was involved in the abduction.

Antonia Scott has gift with this much IQ but at the same time, it is a curse for her. Her intelligence in finding and analysing things causes her to get hallucinations. Her brain gets confused of reality and imagination. Antonia Scott gets delusional at some points. She had a tragic past which made her have traumatic thoughts. She joins the Red Queen organisation to help them solve the crimes that are unsolved.

Sometimes she could predict something before it happens. She doesn’t care much about her looks and what others think of her. She was tortured for testing and improving her intelligence by the organisation in their labs. She doesn’t have any friends or family to share her sadness. She gets delusions of someone trying to kill her or attack her, sometimes it can be animals too.

When she sees a crime scene she analyses it to its extent. She visualises what really happened there. Most of the time her intuitions or answers amazed the people who were with her. She loves her son and husband very well, she goes to any extent to keep them safe. She risked her life to save her son and Carla. Even though the killer gave her the option to save her child by leaving Carla’s case, Antonia Scott didn’t accept it. She wanted to save both of them even if it was risky.

When Antonia Scott gets hallucinations she needs a pill to calm down and come back to normal stage. She is an important asset for the Red Queen organisation as she has the ability to understand the mind of the perpetrators by touching the objects they have used or touched at the crime scenes. She goes to see her husband every day and changes his clothes even if can’t respond to anything. Antonia Scott thinks she is the reason her husband got hospitalized.

That’s all about the character of Antonia Scott. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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