Reina Roja (The Red Queen) Episode 5: Amazon Prime presents a murder mystery investigation thriller series. The series deals with the investigation of a cold-blooded murder and kidnapping of a rich young woman. The investigation is conducted by a special unit called Red Queen, the mastermind behind the investigation is an extremely intelligent woman and a local detective.

Episode 5 opens inside the mental asylum. Antonia Scott and Gutierrez is enquiring about the mental asylum in charge, he didn’t want to cooperate with them. Gutierrez threatened him that he would put him in jail for the illegal activities at the hospital. The staff got worried about his position and gave all the files related to Nicolas Fajardo.

Antonia Scott and Gutierrez deeply searched for clues about his character. Nicolas Fajardo is a problematic psycho, he has a violent background with sexual assault and harm. He has written many weird notes in his diaries about deaths and religious concepts. He is a very unstable person, sometimes he feels things and sometimes he becomes emotionless and ruthless.

While leaving the mental asylum, Gutierrez got a call from his the security staff who was working at the toll booth. Antonia Scott and Gutierrez went to the location he told them, it’s a fuel bunk. Gutierrez looked at the surveillance footage from the fuel bunk, he noticed the taxi was parked there for some time before. Antonia Scott got suspicious about the footage.

In the footage, they saw two people inside the car, suddenly she connected all the remaining dots. In the same taxi, Nicolas Fajardo’s daughter did suicide, the same taxi he was using to kidnap the victims. The suspicion leads to the conclusion that Nicolas Fajardo didn’t commit suicide, they faked her death like Nicolas’s death. They both were jointly killing people all these times.

Antonia Scott got worried about Parra and his squad, she told Gutierrez to call them and stop from reaching the location. Antonia Scott found out that the location he gave is a trap for the cops. Meanwhile, Parra and the squad reached the location and started searching for Carla. They kept hearing her voice somewhere, at the same time Carla also heard their voices a little. Nicolas Fajardo put speakers and mics at both places and made everyone believe it was the same location as the victims.

The cops searched the whole building completely, Gutierrez kept calling Parra to stop entering the house, unfortunately, he cut the call every time. On the inside, one of the cops saw a person from behind and turned over the chair, unfortunately, it was a dummy face and they spotted hidden bombs inside the room. On the other side, the girl named Sandra is actually Nicolas Fajardo’s daughter and she’s the mastermind behind all these. While looking at the surveillance footage at the building, she pressed the button, the bomb got blasted away and many cops died at the spot.

Nicolas Fajardo starts crying while watching the surveillance footage, but her daughter seems very cruel and explains their motives for doing this. She went to Carla’s room and threatened her. Parra took one of his subordinates and tried to walk away from the building, but Nicolas Fajardo pressed the next button and one more bomb got blasted. The situation got worse and many officers died. Antonia Scott reached the location and rescued Parra.

The next day, Gutierrez found out about Mr. white files in Antonia Scott’s computer. She kept it a secret from him. Later, they went to meet Antonia Scott’s child at a boarding school. While eating at a restaurant, they saw a flash news video of Gutierrez beating Parra. Antonia Scott went straight to the Red Queen’s office and talked with the mentor, he rejected her request to continue her duties on the team. Later, Antonia Scott and Gutierrez had arguments on the incident, and Antonia Scott requested Gutierrez to leave the house.

Later, Gutierrez met Officer Parra at the hospital, he told Gutierrez to catch the killer no matter what. At the end of the episode, Nicolas Fajardo’s daughter beats him and cuts his finger to stop her from crimes, then she takes a gun and goes straight to Antonia Scott’s child’s school.

Overall the fifth episode was very intense. The new antagonist made the show more serious and thrilling. The unexpected twists made this episode very much engaging. Let’s see how the rest of the episodes go.

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