Reina Roja (The Red Queen) Ending Explained: Red Queen Original title: Reina Roja Amazon Prime presents another Spanish crime investigation series. The show focuses on the murder of a young man by a psychopath and his back-to-back kidnapping makes him a notable and important criminal.

A highly intelligent woman joins with a detective to find out the psychopath’s criminal. The core plot revolves around the investigations done under the Red Queen organisation.

Episode 7 opens with a conversation between Gutierrez’s mother and Antonia Scott. They were planning something to get Gutierrez from the police custody at the hospital. His mother prepared a special medicine to make him lose his pulse rate and it will help him to escape from the police custody. Gutierrez’s mother went to the hospital with food, she opened the food and and secretly gave a note from Antonia Scott.

Soon after Gutierrez took the pill, his mother left the hospital, the doctors shifted him to a separate ward when he went abnormal. The cops talked with the doctors about the condition, and when they got back, Gutierrez already left the hospital. He was running through the footpath in a patient uniform. Gutierrez took her car and grabbed him on the way. She gave him a dress and photo on the way, he dressed up and got out of the car.

Antonia Scott sends an underground location map to Gutierrez, also a video of her apologizing to him. Later, she met Laura and talked about her son. The boy who got murdered is not Laura’s son, it’s her secretary’s son, they both lookalike and her son is at the secretary’s house safely. Antonia Scott also said that her son is also under Ezequiel’s custody. Antonia Scott got an illegal gun from her to use it on Ezequiel.

On the other side, Sandra was pretty much upset and angry with her father for not killing Carla and Jorge sooner. Gutierrez reached an underground train passage, Antonia Scott is also walking through the path from a different direction. They start communicating under the ground and walking towards the location.

Nicolas Fajardo put wire bombs across every closed passage, when Antonia Scott saw a gate, she confirmed the dangers are waiting ahead for them. She instructed Gutierrez to be careful on every step they take. While walking through the passage, at some point Gutierrez saw lot of photographs hanging. All those photographs were their photos including his mother’s. Gutierrez almost touched a wire bomb while looking at the photographs but escaped in luck. At the same time, Carla cracked a tile piece from the walls and kept hidden. Sandra orders Nicolas Fajardo to kill Carla and Jorge.

Antonia Scott once witnessed some weird glimpses of monkeys at the underground subway. She got pretty much worried and tensed at the situation, Gutierrez called her and convinced her to calm down and think about her son. She starts thinking about her son and the weird visuals vanish. Gutierrez entered the secret room of Nicolas Fajardo, Sandra felt something off and came out of the room and found Antonia Scott.

Nicolas Fajardo opened the door and tried to kill Carla, she took the hidden sharp tile piece and cut deeply in his face. She beat him , took the keys and went to Jorge. While she opened his chains, Nicolas Fajardo beat her from the back. Gutierrez came in unexpectedly and took his gun into Nicolas Fajardo’s head.

During the class between Gutierrez and Nicolas Fajardo, Carla and Jorge tried to escape. Nicolas Fajardo shot Gutierrez and took custody of Jorge. On the other side, Antonia Scott and Sandra shoot each other, at the end of the shooting, Sandra forgets about the wire bomb and unexpectedly touches it. The bomb got blasted and Underground was destroyed in pieces.

Meanwhile, Gutierrez woke up and killed Nicolas Fajardo. They all got back to their daily lives, Antonia Scott spent more time with her son, Gutierrez got back to his official duties, and Carla looked after her company. Antonia Scott decorated her apartment for a new brighter life, she asked Gutierrez to move into her down-floor apartment her.

In the end of the finale, Antonia Scott finds out that Sandra didn’t die and everything happened was planned by an intelligent mind. She confirmed that Mr.white is behind everything and he will come up with a new plan sooner.

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