Pyramid Game Episodes 7 and 8 Release Date: Viu presents a ten-episodic psychology thriller school drama “Pyramid Game”. The series is based on the webcomic “Pyramid Game” by Dalggonyak. Sung Soo-Ji is a newly transferred student in Baekyeon Girls High School. When she joins the class she sees strange things happening in the class. Everyone not talking to each other happily, bullying a girl.

Then she was introduced to an app called Pyramid Game where the students vote against each other and the student with zero votes can be bullied by other students if allowed by students in the highest vote group A. Sung Soo-Ji gathered other affected and opposing students to stop this game from playing.

Sung Soo-Ji got bullied a lot when she joined the school because she fell into the F group. Like her many girls got bullied like this by others. Sung Soo-Ji doesn’t know how this voting system works. She digs more or into how this works and who is behind this idea. Sung Soo-Ji suspects many students but nothing gets a clear answer to the girl behind this game. Sung Soo-Ji goto a supermarket daily, she becomes friendly with the shopkeeper. Apparently, that shopkeeper guy’s sister was a victim of the school’s bullying back then. She is not recovered from the trauma it caused.

After doing much research about the students and their behaviour in the class Sung Soo-Ji found out that Baek Ha-Rin is the head of Pyramid Game. Baek Ha-Rin is the granddaughter of the chairman of this school. Baek Ha-Rin manipulates others in her favour. She likes to be superior to everyone. Sung Soo-Ji teamed up with Myung Ja-Eun and Im Ye-Rim to make this pyramid game to be a failure. They want to eradicate the F group. They teamed up with other affected girls shared votes with each other and made no girls land in F group. As the F group had no students on the last voting, Baek Ha-Rin got very angry with the girls responsible for it.

Baek Ha-Rin blackmails whenever she needs to manipulate that person. She used her connections and transferred Sung Soo-Ji’s father so that she would be gone from this school which would restore the old F group. But Sung Soo-Ji found out it was all Baek Ha-Rin’s play and avoided leaving the school.

Im Ye-Rim also got blackmailed by Baek Ha-Rin, Baek Ha-Rin told her she would tell Im Ye-Rim’s parents about her debut performance. Baek Ha-Rin manipulated other girls and exposed the hidden CCTV set by Sung Soo-Ji. But the class teacher took the blame for saving Sung Soo-Ji.

Upcoming episodes will be more thrilling as we don’t know what’s Sung Soo-Ji’s next move to defeat Baek Ha-Rin. Also how Baek Ha-Rin will defend their next plan by maintaining the pyramid game. Let’s see how the writer gonna end this.

The 7th and 8th episodes are scheduled to release on the 14th of March through Viu and on selected locations through Paramount+. All six episodes of ‘Pyramid Game‘ are now streaming through Viu with Korean language and English subtitles.



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